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Well, that, exactly. But I guess you are referring more about user defined object pivot possition in general, rather than center of an object. And for that matter there's the Object/Axis Editor, though an addition to that in Edit Locate menu for exact location of the object axis would be great. As for the center of an object, and particulary quick "reset" of pivot after its random shift ( since I guess that's what most want ), it's not the user who will defind the center of an object, no matter it's a symmetrical or a complex asymmetrical one, but Anim8or itself and doing it always on exact and the only way, by finding actually realy the center of an object by dividing it in half, from the upper ( highest ) to the lower ( bottom ) ( Y - axis ), nearest to the furthest ( Z - axis ) and from one side to the other ( X - axis ), as it actualy did always. The real solution to the problem, I guess, is just to figure out finaly what's going on with that shifting of object pivot position after some non uniform scaling and other scaling manipulations in general.

Steve !!! In the new built v.1.0 a  the rotation in the Object Coordinates works perfectly !!! Nice. But it seems to ignore the move command in Object Coordinates and  still has the behavior like in the World Coordinates. I downloaded the file in CoriDavis's post about Object Axis issue, was kind of  not an official built release though ?  ???
And another thing, maybe I can write it here so I wont start yet another topic. I noticed from the build 1152 ( the one I have just before that is the 1146 and it doesn't have that feature, I don't have the in-betweens) , as I remember it's when you changed the way x-y-z buttons were enabled, in Point Editor was added a new super cool way of selecting faces-edges-points. When you use hot keys x-y-z or in tool bar "Component" section, every time one type of elements ( faces-edges-points ) can be selected. When you select an edge then just hit "faces only selected" ("g") and every face to that belong that edge will be selected. The same works in opposite, like from faces to points, select a face, hit "v" and the vertexes of the face will be selected. In addition to the "Grow face selection", "Invert selection", "Select all", " Select face edges" ( this one still works, hot key "t", but removed from Edit Select menu  :P )" Quad Ring and Loop select" and other the selecting possibilities are huge.
But, with the official reales of v.1.00  you removed that possibility . Was all that intentional ??? Don't know what others think about it though.

Nice neirao. 8) Though if Steve will implement it into Build menu in Object Editor will be good.

Yeap, a "reset object pivot" whould be a good addition. But should be carefully implemented, like the pivot should have the same orientation ( has the same rotation values ) as the object and not being only set to the center of the object with zero orientation as it does with the join solids command. Also maybe more than one options would be good to have, like set the pivot to the center of world pivot and set the pivot to the upper/lower/left/right corner of the object. That would help in further manipulations on the object like specific rotation and such.
While it is not available yet, the trick somebody can do to simply reset the object pivot to the object's center is to use the " Join Solids" command from the Build Menu as mentioned above, to only that object, since there is no restruction on the number of solids can be joined ( so you can join a single mesh...well to itself ). The only " problem" is that you loose the name of the mesh(es) from that you gave it to the standard  "mesh#" that Anim8or gives it when using the Join Solids command. Other restruction is that you can apply it to one mesh per time ( else, you simply will join several meshes to one with its pivot somewhere in the middle between meshes ) , which wont happen if Steve will implement it so you can reset multiple meshes at once. And the last thing is that after the command, the object pivot gets reset according world pivot, so if you rotate the mesh you may get a result different of what you realy want. See the picture. A cube with a name " little red Cube " ( mesh) ( A ): move its axis in Object/Axis Editor and get the mesh (B), simply rotate the pivot and get the mesh (C) and move and rotate the axis so you get mesh (D). With the Join Solids command ( 3 times , one mesh per time ) you get 3 cubes with names "mesh01", "mesh02","mesh03" e.t.c. BUT, if you have a mesh with orientation different than 0,0,0 like the cube (E) with move pivot or without (G) when you will use the Join Solids command they become as cube (F). Though if Steve will add the "reset pivot possibility" it should go from cubes forms (E) and (F) to final result of cube (G). Don't know actualy if it's possible to implement something like that since the object's orientation relies on the orientation of object axis and not the opposite. ::)

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Enhanced Hovercraft file
« on: August 15, 2017, 01:57:31 pm »
Edited an old file of mine...Thought I could 'trick it up'.

Added a morph...[ The Dalek tracks in the sand ]

Not editing the UV  created the straight lines making it look logical. 8)
Also added a few sand pebbles, too but you have to look hard to see them drop off end of ramp.

Ha, I saw the animation first and then read the post and I thought it was a plane that was moveing under the robot .
Nice touch on the lamps /eyes  ( ?;D)

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Gyperboloid's Lab
« on: August 14, 2017, 01:25:39 pm »
Yeap, Kreator, this question popped up during modeling, and I actually had it along my other questions for ever. That's why I think creating a thread about modeling whould be a supa-dupa idea, since everybody can say a word or two about it, especialy when there are some advnced old timers  here on the forum. As for the house/room building particulary, I had a question how do everybody modeling such things since there are some ultra photorealistic renders of interiors out there. Does that thing "work", the "faking"? I mean I have seen some stills, images and lot of the time artists provide the wireframe pictures of the scenes and while on the renders you see an almostlikeinreallife view, in the wireframe you realise that there are a bunch of simple planes and almost low poly objects, that with a good use of textures , lighting and of course a bunch of specific plugins give that superb final result.
You see, there's kind of a paradox with me, maybe a wrong view on that theme. As goes for CG 3D it's kind of a whole " fake thing"  in general  .  But the funny thing is that I think that there should be as less as possible faking inside it. I mean things like fake modeling, sticking objects in other and stuff instide of " like in real life " modeling e.t.c. But since there are thousands of good renders out there and everybody use that faking less or more, my point of view is wrong and I have to review it :)
Now about the particular project, yes it was like hard time to model it, just in terms of time of course. Since I wanted to create a copy of an existing place, I used Anim8or CAD measures with an accurasy of 1 cm ( 1 Anim8or unit = 1 cm in real world ). And it was pain to click every time almost every single edge to see its length, the position of the points e.t.c. But I'll see through all that buiding theme of course later to figure out how things work better.

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Gyperboloid's Lab
« on: August 14, 2017, 12:53:39 am »
Wow, nostalgie  :-X
I'll restart this thing all over again. And I mean the Lab in general, not the models I originaly posted like...ages ago  :o ( though I think that I'll recreate them somewhen in the future...maybe ). As I said years ago, in my last post here, I'll keep things simple but correct though. Some projects in progress, but mostly some finished models, while most of them I think for some time I'll keep posting  untextured, no scenes, no lighting set up . After some time I'll start add mostly finished projects, still renders. Finaly, hope I'll do some animations.
At the same time I want to start in the General Anim8or Forum something like a modeling thread, dedicated to modeling in Anim8or specifically. Everything about modeling in Anim8or, like from how to drag an edge properly to some more complex things, usage of all tools available, some hidden tricks and possibilities. It will intend to help mostly begginer users ( as me myself, despite the fact I downloaded Anim8or for the first time 7 ( !!! ) years ago ). But also advanced users maybe will find new approach to already known to them aspects and in general it will be interesting to see how others anim8ing  8). I think a " How whould you do it " topic name will fit in.
Now, as for the current thread, to give a kickoff, I'll post a WIP of an appartment which I started modelling not long ago ( like 2 months ago, spent about a week ) and which was the reason to return to Anim8or again. Though I haven't touched it for 2 months ( and wont do so for another one for sure, due to be busy ), I hope I will have some progress and maybe will finish it before the end of the year ( lot of things to do, as the original idea was to create a whole exact copy of an existing room, while to also add some stuff that does'nt exist to see how it will fit in.)

 ;D Hah, funny! And that will be great. Many ( if not all ) expressed a wish for that. As for the "l" short cut, since none of the commands in the build menu, exept for group-ungroup (g-u), have any short cut at all,it's definitely not a problem at all. Then maybe if it's not a hard thing to do, to remove this possibility ( split solids in Point Editor ) by simply "turning it off" as it happens with other commands when the requred elements are not selected, so the "l" short cut will cut only selected edge loops and do nothing, as it supposed to do, when edge loops are not selected?

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Move the Rotation Axis?
« on: August 10, 2017, 01:25:33 am »
Yeap, there are some little issues with the object pivot. This sometimes also happens when scalling I think. Something I noticed is the screen shot Cori posted. It looks like a shot from inside an expensive commercial 3D program. And that's because of the new ( well, now kind of a new )color scheme. Steve, will be the old one available for ever, since eyes actuly realy get tyred on long modeling sessions?

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Where is everybody?
« on: August 10, 2017, 01:03:02 am »
Is that a "Yes" or is that a " Yeah sure "  :D Btw, Anim8or mentioned as well among others. Psss, that's realy cool.

 :) Steve, she is talking about the "l" short- cut in Point Editor Object Mode. The "l" short- cut in Point Editor originaly stands for the "edge loop cut" through the Edit menu and while having an edge loop selected. But, in Point Editor always, if you hit the "l" short-cut ( actualy never tryed it from the edit menu, but should work the same, don't think it's bent only to the short-cut.  :o ) while nothing ( edge loops ) being selected , if your object consistes of several meshes (joined) they become unjoined. It actualy work as an unjoin solids command, which is the opposite of the join solids in Object Editor in Build menu.Actually, since the unjoin solids command doesn't exist in Buid menu but it exists in general and actualy realy works, maybe you could add it to the Build menu some how? I remember that "hidden trick" was well known like for a long time ago and if I'm not mistaken the pioneers of the forum ( some of many ) told about it. Kubazz mentioned it in a post here, I remember years ago reading about it. I remember him saying " it is not written about it anywhere, neither manual, nor forum". I guess Steve told them the secret :)

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Where is everybody?
« on: August 07, 2017, 05:21:35 pm »
Still working on Mission Backup Earth (  Latest renders (modeled in Anim8or, rendered in Carrara):
Ensoniq5 , is that you ? :)

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Turn off Shadows in ART render?
« on: August 02, 2017, 07:04:41 pm »
Guys, I still trying to understand what you were talking about shadows not be able to turn them off in ART renderer. You mean turning off particular objects to not cast shadows while others do and being enabled the lights to cast shadows ?

Woh, thanks.
About the paste operation , as I wrote, I thought it could be intentional and for exact reason you described.  :)
That object coordinates was always handy but never available, so it will be superb if it can be usable.
As for Y-Z axes in world coordinates notice that the main bug is the Y-Z reverse, which happens even if all axes are active. Though having Y axis active only and still being able to affect object in Z axis may be another bug itself. Anyway, you know better :)

Gyperboloid: Thanks for the post.

1. The paste operation offset is intentional. It adds the first copy in the original location, then offsets each new paste in the X and Y axis. I did this because it isn't easy tell if you accidentally pasted more than one copy.

2. This is a bug. You shouldn't be able to move in the World-Y Z direction when only the Y axis enabled.

3. This is also a bug. The result should be as you expected.

I'll fix these :)

About the paste operation , as I wrote, I thought it could be intentional and for exact reason you described.  :)
That object coordinates was always handy but never available, so it will be superb if it can be usable.
As for Y-Z axes in world coordinates notice that the main bug is the Y-Z reverse, which happens even if all axes are active. Though having Y axis active only and still being able to affect object in Z axis may be another bug itself. Anyway, you know better :)

Ahh, Steve! I realized that it could be intentional as well! In perspective view, in scene mode especialy, by the LMB only, while World coordinates enabled, user can "slide" an object on the ground ( X-Z plane ). And that's because the LMB in the up n' down movement affects the Z-axis in World coordinates, though normaly it should affect the Y-axis. If it will affect the Y -axis ( and the RMB the Z-axis and not the Y-axis as it does now, in World coords always ) user will be able to "slide" an object in Y-X plane  by the LMB. Which would be handy if someone would like to "hang " a picture on a wall though  :D .Finaly it only takes to remember that in world coordinates the Y-Z axes are reversed I think.
P.S.: I tested that in the first version of Anim8or originaly posted on September 20, 1999   :)  And it worked as supposed : in World Coordinates LMB for Y and X axes , RMB for the Z axis. And in Object Coordinates ( after a twik on objects pivot ) it also worked as should be. Though after a second ( and I opened before and after the v. 1.0 also ) it turned to have the same behavior as v. 1.0. again. Weird ,but funny.

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Pixie3D
« on: August 02, 2017, 04:22:02 pm »
Downloaded, gave it a try. Everything worked just fine. Windows 8.1 NVIDIDA GeForce GT 730M Intel i-5 3230M 2.6GHz ( 3.6GHz)
Tried to render anything, but didn't find the way to do so. Is the renderer available inside the program?
Anyway, good luck with your work!

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