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So , what about those tutoial series you mentioned? Have you started them at all? Do some  of them exist? Whould be interesting to see some from so good, advanced Anim8or user as you are.

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Dotan8 Magazine Issues
« on: July 22, 2017, 07:35:17 pm »
Still have them all on hard driver ( 6-7 years already  :o ). Kreator have you those video tutorials you made back then ?

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Turn off Shadows in ART render?
« on: July 22, 2017, 07:05:45 pm »
Hm, I don't understand that. Because if I turn off shadows in light element properties no shadows appear in ART rendering no matter though if shadow casting and/or resaving is chossen in object element properties  ???

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Newbie Hand Issues
« on: July 22, 2017, 06:24:02 pm »
And this is something I wanted to see on forum like always. Some topics about modeling, anim8ing, rendering tricks and tips, everything from a to z in general but also in Anim8or particulary. Great explanations and visualisations Ensoniq, Johnar.  8)

General Anim8or Forum / Re: What you think??? Live edgeloop booleans
« on: July 22, 2017, 06:03:26 pm »
There are many cool things out there ( especialy in rendering software ) but do you mean to implement something like this in Anim8or ? Don't think it's that simple at this stage ( maybe  :P ).

Just some bugs ( tiny  :D) as I remember were there from the 0.97d version ( wich was the first I used and the most here used for a long time). The first is about the copy past command of an item no matter is a mesh or parametric or whatever. I don't know actualy it's a bug or on intence, but when you copy a mesh and past it second time on a row ( the first is ok as it should be, on the exact position as the original ) its new location is kind of higher on y axis and farther on the +x axis. If you keep past it the new copies keep going higher. Maybe I do it wrong way, but when I copy past things usually I want to move them on an axis which meens I want them to automaticaly past on the same location with the original one.

Another one is the world coordinates moving command isuue where the Y axis and the Z axis are reversed. Which means in world coordinates with the left mouse button the object should be moved up and down while with the right mouse button front and back. But the opposite happens: LMB for Z axis RMB for Y axis, which is incorrect. The rotation in world coordinates works right though.Only the "move" command.

And the last one is the object coordinates which do the same thing as the world coordinates, no matter how the axis/pivot of the object is rotated. If the pivot is rotated some amount in pivot axis editor shouldnt in object coordinates the object moving in direction of its edited axis and not as if theworld coordinates were selected?

Yes, it is logical the grouped items from the same layer to stay in that same layer. As for grouping different items from different layers I think the right way is to bring an aware window wich will remind that things can be grouped only if they belong to the same layer, so the meshes-itemes to be grouped from different layers first should be manualy transfered to one same. That way there will be some kind of control on what is where. And actually, it seems that there is no need to create some items on different layers and for some reason group them later on one, so it's kind of a special sittuation and will be met not that often.

Anim8or Challenges / Re: Challenge #34: Anim8or 1.0 splash screen
« on: July 17, 2017, 10:31:25 am »
Late congrats thecolclough
  You were destined for the splash screen.,1262.0.html

   I'm not having any luck with using the .dll for random splash screens, and doesn't work putting a 'splash.jpg' pic into the images folder either. Have tried every suggestion in this thread and, although i like thecolcloughs' image very much, i would really like to be able to change splash screens at will.
 Any other suggestions on how i might be able to do this?
 (Windows 7)

Doesn't work for me too.

I'm so happy with the new splash. That was the one I love most. Congrats for all contributors though.
   Anyways, it seems there's a problem when I render. Dunno if someone else experienced this.
When I try to render, it shows the left side buttons (as it would render) but I can still see the camera view and even move the object. See the images bellow.
   When I switch to, let's say object mode, then come back to scene mode again, it works... But this bug happens again and again. Has anybody else experienced that?

Same here. It seems that it behaves like a "rendering mode" thing, kind of. It does not start the rendering session right after you click to render the image, but it moves you to the " rendering room" :P . Then you have to choose all the settings and then do the final actual rendering of the image. Don't know if that happens to others or it's a bug or somethjng Steve did on purpose.

I look at an object in real life and trying to imagine how a wireframe would "sit " on it :D

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Recruiting for
« on: January 23, 2015, 03:03:20 pm »
Wow, nice work Raxx. But I just always had a question, why people duplicate Anim8or related sites, why not do all that stuff just here ???

Yeap, I see, that's logical. I just want to say I am afraid of nothing to be "missed" because of such fast progress ( great job again  8) ). And by saying "missed" I mean from the point of explanation, maybe some "hidden" ( they become such after ) possibilities . For example some shortcuts that weren't well known ( example the "l" in point editor for "unjoin solids ). But since you'll come up with an updated documentation, everything is great I think. Great, great work ! 8)

Wow, mr. Steve, a hard work time you have ! :-X ( but in real, I guess you enjoy it a ton  :D ). I have a question , maybe kind of weird or stupid, but since version 0.97d there were how many? The right next one was the 0.97f right? Then the 0.98? And then all those builds, huh ! ??? Is it possible to do something like this one : to put all in one place ( I even have the oldest, first including, versions) and to give explanations about changes from version 0.97d, since it was the one that was used for a long time by all users? More important of course are the changes on toolkit against bug fixes since something fixed doesn't exist and doesn't bother any more?  :-\

Ough, remove the message if I shouldn't write here  :(

Ongoing Anim8or Development / Re: New Point Editing Rules: New build 1143
« on: December 11, 2014, 11:33:59 pm »
Wuh, now the paint-selection works perfectly !!! When releasing mouse buttons and still holding the Ctrl down you can select again with mouse. Great ! The rotate tool with Fast Select enabled works great too, as some other changes to movement by MMB and RMB ! Although , as mentioned , that c shortcut doesn't affect points ( only ). And the other thing, don't know, maybe only on my computer, the p/e/f buttons are not "connected" to shortcuts. If I have all ( p/e/f ) enabled, by starting the program, in Point Editor I can select the items. When I deselect some of them, but always only with buttons on the left ( not shortcuts) , the deselected wont be selectable any more, which is a correct thing. BUT, if I hit a shortcut for a deselected item, the button wont turn on and while still being highlighted deselected I would be able to select the item. In another words the buttons and shortcuts work, but doing it separately and not "seeing" each other (well, you understood I hope :P). And actually points are selectable all the time, button shortcut don't affect them. The same happens, no matter Fast Select is on or off.

I guess must get used to it. About that "T" shortcut speaking: the "t" shortcut for the " select face edges" command disappeared . Is that because of the "T" shortcut or you just simply changed it and forgot it?  ???


1) remember that draw+selecting, by holding Ctrl down and selecting and deselecting with LMB RMB and MMB ? Keep in mind I refer always about 0.97d in which it worked perfectly and I loved it :) By holding down the Ctrl it was possible to click with LMB or RMB or the MMB and continuously select items, leave mouse buttons and while still holding Ctrl key select or deselect by left middle or right clicking again. Now the RMB is "out of the game". Also when Ctrl is pressed and any of mouse buttons used ( MMB LMB ) you have to release Ctrl then push it again and only then mouse buttons will affect the selecting again. In other words : push Ctrl and hold it down, click with LMB/RMB/MMB and drag while pressing the mouse button ( don't let it go until select everything want ) then let mouse button but don't let Ctrl (pressed all the time  ) and then you are able to click with mouse button and continue selecting. All that in 0.97d. Now, when selected something and released mouse buttons  (only, Ctrl still pressed ) then, if want to continue selecting by pressing mouse button again you can't proceed , you have to release Ctrl first and press it down again, only then start clicking with mouse buttons.

Raxx, that's what I said before. Now the RMB doesn't affect that paint-clicking by adding to the already selected as it did in previous, not even when Fast Select is off. I guess it's not a bug as a such, but because of all those new "Point Editor Selecting Rules". The thing is that if you want to select say in a line of faces 2 groups of faces which are separated by some faces you do not want to select you cant use this paint-selecting since you can select only the first group of faces and not the second one by RMB adding to selected since it doesn't affect it.

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