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Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Space Series Idea
« on: June 11, 2008, 01:26:12 pm »
sorry, spicy.. but I just can't find the time, and it sounds awesome! but I just don't know much about anim8or to make anything useful really.. all the good stuff I've made took like 2 days to make. lol

but If you still need help and I get really good and can find the time, then I'll join. :)

nah, I'm not good at uvmapping, I have no idea what it even is.. =[

@mcheccyb, um, it does? I had no idea, from now on I'll do it in an8 format.

Thanks for feedback, guys.
yesterday I was working on making a 2D game character a 3D model but it was storming and the power went out while I was doing it, luckily, I had just saved it. :D Today I am working on it again, using a sort of "box modeling" technique btw.

Hey, I did a tutorial that showed me how to make a chair, and then I used reference from that tut to make this chair,

I thought I did good on it. and if anyone thinks I was copying someone's work, I DIDN'T. I got help from the tutorial and that's all, I did a lot of my techniques to make it look like this.

if anyone wants to download the official model, then just click here
just remember that it belongs to me. I hope for some feed back. :)

oh, and btw, this was made with anim8or, even though it is a *.3ds file. ;) (I like that format the best)

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Space Series Idea
« on: June 10, 2008, 08:42:53 am »
hmm, this sounds fun, but what about the sounds? the voice and everything? are the helpers going to record them and do it? or what? thanks, I might join if I can get all the details straight. but more than likely can't because of being too busy..

thanks in advance for answering my question. :)

okay... I guess I'll try to do it again in a few. but it still seems confusing. I'm not much of an "animator" person. To me it is frustrating to try and get the animation and other misc stuff to work right. like in "Pivot Stickfigure Animator" It is pretty easu but animating the characters is still a pain.

But thanks anyway! D:
P.S. I like your signature, Bobert.

P.P.S. Is there a video tutorial where someone is making a figure in the figure editor? I did a video tutorial where you are making a chair and got it down pretty fast, and now I am making drastic variations of what I was taught. :)

Thanks. :)

I guess I'll give it a go. The new features should be cool! 8)

so I shouldn't dload until it is a full release?

I have read it almost all the way thru. but what I mean by it is, I know how to make the bones longer and everything, but when I import the leg, head, etc, the body parts are waay bigger than the bones.. maybe I can read the manual on a quiet day (again) and concentrate real hard and figure it out. :)

And I may post the character I want to create in here sometime later, and see if anyone can make a figure out of him and show me how they did it maybe?

more info coming later.

Hi, I currently have the latest release Anim8or v.0.95. And I was wondering if 0.97 is a beta? or is it an actual release? because if it is a real release, then I don't wanna miss a minute of it! :D
thanks, people

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Help?
« on: June 09, 2008, 05:56:41 am »
Well, there are plenty of ways to go about that (as far as I know) And if I understand you right, then the easiest way to go about it is to:

1. Select the faces you want to be darker using the point/edit mode.
2. And by right-clicking all of the faces you want to be darker, (you may want to spin the model around every now and then by hitting "ctrl+r" so you can see the rest of the faces you want.
3. Then going to the materials editor once you have the faces selected, and make a darker material.
4. Then apply that material to those faces by clicking "apply" when all the faces that are supposed to be darker are selected.

helpful hint: you must have the "face" select once you're in the point/edit mode. if you are in any other select mode, then it won't work right.

sound clear enough?
I learned that from the manual btw. it's in the materials section, I think.
hope I helped :)

yah, thanks.

I am having a problem getting my bones to be as long as the legs, head, arms, and etc.

thanks for any more help. :)

oh, sorry. :)

yah. I thought about dreamworks and pixar and other people but, I just thought, because it's just one model, I would never charge.
unless, it was a commercial orginazation of course, then I would. ;) ^^ but he seems honest.
see you people

yah, I've done it, but I got stuck on the figure part, like I said... I just can't seem to get the hang of "how to get the parts to align right with the bones and etc, I just can't seem to get it... thanks for help anyway! :)

thanks for welcoming me. :)

If I were to make you something, I would never charge you for my work. why would I? what's gonna happen to me that would need money while making it, I ask?

anyhow, I don't have the skills in anim8or right now, but if I suddenly get good at it, I will inform you if you still need it done. :)
see you people

Hello everyone, I am new here, and I have started using anim8or about 3 weeks ago, at first, I was as lost as a chicken with his head cut off, (and that's about all I could make, lol) well, I started getting better, learning pathes, and learning how to create misc. stuff, I made a "box" person that his body was made of nothing but spheres, and tubes, and cylinders, and such etc. and then I got stuck at trying to take him apart and make individual objects, I got that part done perfectly, but when I went in the figure editor to bring him to life, I was "stumped" I read almost the whole manual, and I still couldn't make sense out of it, so, I was wondering, if anyone else out there had built a tutorial/manual like the official one, but made more for beginners, if anyone could try to help me with a in-depth tutorial or etc, I would be very thankful. :) Thanks, everyone! :)

P.S.  tomorrow, I will upload the little character I made up, he is pretty cool, and maybe someone else could make him a figure for me.
see you people,
3Dgeek (nice name?) haha

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