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ASL Scripts / Re: F8ce version .8 parametric plugin
« on: May 26, 2010, 09:57:01 pm »
thanks for feed back i have idea for change to f8ce 0.9

1) attempt to get below 2000 quads with out degrading shape ! complete image below

2) still WIP finding reference to attempt better default shape image below show stats and how appear when converted to sub-d

3) make more usable uv wrap

4) remove (only body) attributes and replace attribute with parameters for weight and !maybe muscle

5) parameter plan (face region parameter no change)
~1 gender scale_x
~2 weight
~3 muscle
~4 (1) neck length
~5 (2) spine length
~6 (3) upper arm length
~7 (4) lower arm length
~8 (5) upper leg length
~9 (6) lower leg length
~10 (0) disabled !! attempt real-time select edit using int (un-sure if possible just yet but could maybe alter int counter to switch between 4 to 9 parameter with scale_y ) this did not work with attribute just reset back to 0 when changed counter because plugin could not alter attribute but may work with parameters as they can be stored and altered with out key input.

any one see any issues with this change ?

ref in image is called golden ratio mask apparently it is used in fashion industry wander if there is golden ratio body map as well ha i haven't began reshape yet

General Anim8or Forum / Re: need sum help
« on: May 25, 2010, 07:40:41 pm »
modifier i think is only meant for binding to solids or mesh state shapes
i have only used modifier once making slinky spring bend
what you can to do for it to work is instead of group use join solids this will also reset pre existing morph targets ! but as all parts will be together as single scene element  it should make no difference

if you need to re-separate the model parts in point edit change selection to faces and select by connected or select by material and de attach faces ! it think this also reset morph targets

alternative is once you got modifier how you want it work copy paste the modifier for each and every mesh binding separately !

ASL Scripts / Re: F8ce version .8 parametric plugin
« on: May 22, 2010, 01:32:21 pm »
great model Josmic8or  8)
also noticed you made a cool human tool button as well

ASL Scripts / Re: F8ce version .8 parametric plugin
« on: May 21, 2010, 10:18:11 pm »
ops  :-[ i miss labelled topic primitive instead of parametric :P

ASL Scripts / Re: F8ce version .8 primitive plugin
« on: May 21, 2010, 08:12:42 pm »
neirao you could use trinity export script to do the exact thing

if you convert f8ce shape to mesh then rename them so the item list show as cage ,morph1,morph2
when you export you get somthing like this[/youtube]&feature=related]youtube trinity plugin
as long as you dont join solids or change the mesh type wirecage it should be compatible with trinity !

future update i gues ill practice some more before attempt .9 perhaps i should remodel sub-d using anatomical ref then i can find way to improve shape and hopfuly keep model optimised for use with sub-divided by set working to 1,

example one i made earlier 297 polygon i made in 2006 maybe little to low poly though haha

its practically impossible to make model to every ones standard but what if i try plan the structure  to work with quad ring and not loops it would allow modeller to much more easily modify model to there standard ?

ASL Scripts / Re: F8ce version .8 primitive plugin
« on: May 21, 2010, 07:36:31 am »
thanks for positive feed back

haha groovy hair model 3dgeek11

if anim8or console is enabled it should mention the error it will most likely mention copypastetxt is missing

open the copypaste.txt and use select all command then copy
next open up the f8ce.a8s (generated from the export script) in notepad then search and highlight the text which match the text mentioned in anim8or console error (You_Forget_The_copypaste_txt) then use paste command and save to replace it with the code

the copypaste.txt is the part which converts all the float coordinates in the parameteric model to point3 attribute

if old f8ce is already in plugin folder other will not load because they share identical names

did that help !


the model is same model from the non subdivided topic i think old a8s can still be dled from that topic i did keep old files
it was mainly created with add edge and edge extrude tool only the hand and feet were box modelled separate with cubes  (for example hand i model with 3 digits but then extrude pinky and thumb this then gives an n-gon of 8 to match the arms n-gon for edit>bridge command ),also wire cage was separated in half then optimized by deletion of segments with fill holes basiclly
conmen trend was to mirror then merge points along middle
but now instead i merge face (creates a huge n-gon,mirror then bridge) totally making the middle mirror column of edges redundant

General Anim8or Forum / Re: 3D Program I used to have.
« on: May 20, 2010, 06:52:48 pm »
metasequoia lite !is only 3d tool i remember having lite in title other than lightwave is maybe best place to search

version 8 plugin uploaded & the complete an8 project also can be dled from dev files enjoy

ASL Scripts / F8ce version .8 parametric plugin
« on: May 19, 2010, 11:42:04 pm »
f8ce is a plugin attempt at creating quick easy humanoid characters with as many variation options as possible

Version 0.8 update
recreated all shape changes
reversed direction of limb length to allow dwarfing of limbs
add uv data to script
fixed convert to subdivided bug and should no longer crash  8)
add parameter hand and foot scale[/youtube]]youtube view of f8ce Downlod also includes uv template bmp and f8cetester.an8

Following Attribute tags below will effect f8ce models appearance

How to edit f8ce:
A)Goto Object>Attributes ...
B)Click New button to bring up the name tag box
C1)Type in one of blue name tags above remember all are lower case fonts
C2)you donot need to add all tags but click new each time to add an attribute to the active object
D)Important in the TYPE tab enable "point", 3 value box's should enable from left to right are equal to x,y and z coordinate of each tagged region
E) The plugin attributes go by percentages from -100 to 100 percent . how ever there is no restriction limit for attributes
F) At present there is a refresh issue with attributes but you can .
Fa)double click the f8ce model and click ok button to refresh
Fb)select f8ce model and enable non-unform tool then adjust one of the parameters with mouse
Fc) delete and recreate f8ce model

~attribute change donnot refresh unless plugin parameter is changed
~you cannot undo attributes
~even if you delete the f8ce model saving file the attributes will be stored  :D

I feel the f8ce is practically complete so now i will allow rest of anim8ors who are maybe interested in getting involved with this plugin to improve on it (this dl is for ASL users log in to get the plugin on its own)
file contains
f8cedata.an8 <-- attribute editing done through this
export_f8ce.a8s <-- converts the facedata.an8 into the f8ce plugin (copypaste.txt required)
copypaste.txt  <-- convert floats to attribute i was bit lazy and left this small chunk out of the exporter but im sure much more experience als master could improve the exporter to scan per meshkind instead of named strings

ASL Scripts / Re: Request cammands related to uv data !
« on: May 14, 2010, 02:49:25 pm »
nope loop cut has to be a loop for it to work plus it separates mesh into separate parts so user has the join solids then re merge points ,this is ok for low poly models but ages for high poly
but i do see issue with detach points request as it will un-weld all edges connected to the point sorry about miss interpretation ,im king of typos ,i mean un-weld only selected edges so they convert to green edges  ~ there would need to be restriction of 2 or more edges are marked for it to work

ASL Scripts / Request cammands related to uv data !
« on: May 14, 2010, 05:08:14 am »
I am unsure if such commands are around yet ! anyway theory's are

first command
Unlike loop cut and detached face command the the detach points would unweld selected points keeping model in tacked yet splitting all edges attached to point like a ...banana peal generating new points in same position keeping faces intact.

What use is this , This would be first step allowing user to unwrap there models within (morph target mode) to create a more advance custom uv wrap simply by enable decal map when complete.

Next one would be another command mesh point index to uv grid coordinates ,unwrap model to a predefined x,y 0 and 100 grid in world coordinates with in ratio of each uv / point 2 data of each point ignoring z locations ,reason for z being ignored will allow user to work out which point belongs to other ,as user can simply use flatten command when complete no need to alter z

hero looks fantastic ,nice work on the prof outfit collar

yes uv is almost like jigsaw re-welding the points back with out seeing the depth having to double check to make sure you weld the correct ones together haha alot patients

im going to keep the map static but i could script the uv cords to morph as well but may cause larger file after i put uv reading into export script the f8ce.a8s jumped to just over a meg in size because export work on any model it go per point instead of generating compressed algorithm

i imagine if anim8or had command script similar to edit>loop cut but instead of edges unweld/detached points script then advance uv editing could be done in anim8or

here is what i mean after detached points script used to cut seams  user create a morph target then ever have another command to unwrap model in 3d with in 0 - 100. grid x,y world space but leave z plane coords then user can re merge points knowing which ones share same depths using left view port then enabling uv tool to generate decal map wella map done delete the morph target leaving model with brand new uv

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: my hero
« on: May 13, 2010, 01:21:14 pm »
I never knew there was live action of the tick gues it must been bad to not reach the uk il search to see if its on google video later
hah funny afro ! hair idea how about streetfighter Guile type of cut !

good speed modelling only thing i can see missing is the feet ,maybe some long stringy legs that sway from side to side as blue bird glides

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