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Ian Ross has just released a book on Anim8or. It's perect for a beginner and a good reference for experienced users. It contains detailed chapters on every aspect, with many examples. Get your own copy here: "Anim8or Tutorial Book"

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General Anim8or Forum / My Anim8or story
« on: September 12, 2012, 11:11:22 am »
Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a story.
In early 1999, my family got dial-up Internet and I discovered Anim8or. I was in high school and had no 3D modeling experience. I downloaded the manual and read every word. I made a couple of renders, which are still on display in the Gallery.

After high school, I worked a construction factory and on my free time after work, I would program and model as a hobby. Few years and a few games later, I discovered a game development program being offered at nearby college. I jumped on it and sent in my portfolio of Anim8or renders and games. (Many graphics made with Anim8or). I graduated and was hired as a game programmer for a studio. I like Anim8or. It has helped me a lot and I appreciate it.

My video collection:
My very first game, all 3D done with Anim8or[/youtube]]https://www.

General Anim8or Forum / Re: game question
« on: December 13, 2008, 04:50:20 am »
The lower amount of polies the better, surprisingly a well textured low poly model can look alot better than a poor textured high poly model. I probably wouldn't want to pass 2000 polies for 1 character, unless it was really necessary. As long as its fun, it doesn't have to be AAA quality.

Thats amazing, it be even cooler if the glass was transparent and could see the interior. But still thats amazing.

Created a little map in Unreal, made some objects with anim8or. Map takes place on the moon and a moon base.

Anim8or objects are:
Computer Station
Computer Box
Moon rock
Crystal 1
Crystal 2

YouTube video:[/youtube]]http://www.

Here's another old game I made with Anim8or.

It's rather simple, the objective is to dodge incoming obstacles, doing so will increase your score, hitting an obstacle will reset your score. This game is also incomplete and will not be updated.

Use the mouse or arrow keys to move around.
Pressing Mouse Left Click or Space bar will increase your speed and you will gain more points.
Pressing Mouse Right Click or Shift key will decrease your speed and amount of points gained.

Other than that, thats about it. Except the program is called Butterfly, because what I originally had plan seemed to twist around as I progressed :S

YOUTUBE VIDEO:[/youtube]]http://www.

Requires latest DirectX 9.0c drivers.


Actually this game gave me the basic idea for my Java game, Canyon Runner.

In my level design class, I and 3 others had to make a level together. Static meshes were my job so I created them in Anim8or and then imported them into UT2004 for use.

Youtube video of level:[/youtube]]http://www.

The objects I created with Anim8or are:

Small Moving Platform
Large Moving Platform
Broken Pillar
Half-pill Cage
Cube cage

Objective is to roll balls through arches, made this while back, Jan 2007. Graphics made with Anim8or.

Youtube video link:[/youtube]]http://www.

Screen shots:

Game download:
Note: File is compressed as .rar
File size is 5.35 MB
Requires latest DirectX 9.0c drivers

Here's a 2D Java game I made for my final project in Java class. Music is a midi of Donkey Kong Country 2's Roller Coaster song, so kudos to Rare. Objective is to dodge incoming obstacles as long as possible, player can slow down or speed up, and gaining points will be dependent on that. Free life after so many points and as your score grows the faster the game speeds up. I have not made a public copy yet, but if I get around to it, I will update this post and add a link.

Here's a low quality youtube vid:[/youtube]]http://www.

Here's a high quality avi of the same vid (~40 MB)

Here's some sloppy pics:

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