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I've long wondered why bones are so much easier to position
in Figure mode than in Sequences.  In Figure, you can simply
drag a bone to the desired angle unconstrained by any axis - its
very intuitive and works quite well.

I have often wanted to rotate a bone in a direction that isn't along
a direct X/Y/Z path, and as a result I have to move it a bit this way,
then a bit that - like tacking a yacht.  It can be time-consuming and

Would there be any chance of making the freeform rotation from
Figure mode available in Sequences as well?  Perhaps if a bone
allows free unlimited rotation on all three axes an extra checkbox
could become active: "Allow free rotation".  When checked the
user can move the bone the same way as in Figure mode.

I do hope you consider this enhancement - personally I'd find
animations a _lot_ easier to produce.

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