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Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / Re: Very Important: importing PNG-files!
« on: January 03, 2011, 02:58:46 am »
I agree that mindlessly asking for additions is annoying and probably a distraction to Steve (if he reads such requests), especially as more interesting/important suggestions might be missed as a result.  Whining due to the pace of development, or about decisions on what's included or not - that is also unproductive.

However, I believe that it would be a terrible pity were anim8or to remain as it is now.  There are things that could be done to improve it for its own sake.  For instance, I haven't found a free 3D program with a renderer nearly as advanced as anim8or's, possibly povray as an exception but personally I think anim8or's is better.  Adding PNG with support for its transparency would make anim8or that much better again - I can't see how it'd be a bad thing in any way.

Also, yes this is Steve's hobby, his creation and he owns it.  While he wants to work on it, however slowly, and take it the direction he wants it to go, well that's totally his right.  When Kyle suggested making it open source, he was responding to the suggestion that perhaps Steve's given up and anim8or development is dead.  I really hope that isn't the case, but if it is I'd also prefer to see it open sourced - or development passed to someone else that Steve trusts - than just frozen, overtaken (eventually) by other open source projects and finally fade into obscurity.  Anim8or deserves better than that, and personally I'd rather keep using it than be forced at some point to learn another program :)

Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / Re: Very Important: importing PNG-files!
« on: December 15, 2010, 05:42:46 pm »
Sorry if I'm not clear - I'm rushed for time right now else I'd setup an example in povray to illustrate.

Yes, I'm talking about correctly rendering alpha maps, which PNG would support, but also rendering _shadows_ of alpha-mapped-textured objects correctly.  In my "tree" illustration, the object is just a rectangle, so if its treated as a solid as anim8or does now, you'd see a rectangular shadow cast by it.

If the rectangle, however, is textured with a PNG that uses transparency, it'd be great if the shadow also used the alpha map of the texture.  For instance, if the rectangle is textured to a tree, you'd ideally see the tree being rendered and other objects behind it (eg support for the alpha maps) and you'd also see the tree cast a tree-shadow, not the rectangular shadow of the object its mapped onto.  Hope that makes it clearer.

Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / Re: Very Important: importing PNG-files!
« on: December 12, 2010, 07:17:27 pm »
PNG support would be nice though especially if anim8or supported alpha mapping in textures, and rendered shadows accordingly.

For instance, creating a rectangle, IV mapping a texture of a tree onto it with transparent background, and the "ground" under the tree has the tree-shaped shadow when rendered rather than a box, as happens in Povray.

Well, that's actually returning to the original subject :)  Yes, my point exactly - if a bone is unconstrained on both X and Z axes it'd be so nice to be able to rotate it "freehand" like you can in the Figure editor.  I know there are many important features planned (and requested) for anim8or, but this is by far the addition I'd most like to see.

Yep, works for me, thankyou both :)

I'm sorry, no that's not what I mean Gyper, and for me its a (minor but annoying) bug.

I've opened scenes, rendered as a movie adjusting image size, saved the model, but for me nothing changes in the saved model file and when I render as a movie again its back to 400x300.

Perhaps you could show me an example of what it actually saves in a .an8 file?  I could then add it in manually via a text editor ;)

I didn't want this minor issue to distract from the animation suggestion I originally raised...

Hi lynn, I'm not quite sure what you mean ... the above bug is definitely present in 0.97d.  I've been rendering a lot of sprite images via the "render movie" function, and every time I bring up that dialog it reverts to 400 by 300.

Also there's a minor bug thats quite annoying, as minor bugs often are, and its been in anim8or as long as I can remember.

Go to render a movie, and the size will be 400x300.  Change it to something else and make the render.  Come back to render another movie, and the size you chose will be forgotten - back to 400x300 again.  The filename you choose is remembered, along with options like antialias etc.  It'd be great if the dimensions were preserved as well.

I'm sorry to bring up this old topic again.  Its possible this has been discussed to death during my two years' absence, but in case it hasn't I was wondering - has any progress been made on this issue?  Is it something that will be addressed in a future Anim8or release?

My animations are mostly of organic creatures with limbs that move fluidly in unusual directions, far from the default X and Z planes, and the current sequence animation method makes anim8or extremely difficult to use.  Its a pity, given that a tool called anim8or would, you'd expect, excel at animation :)

I've long wondered why bones are so much easier to position
in Figure mode than in Sequences.  In Figure, you can simply
drag a bone to the desired angle unconstrained by any axis - its
very intuitive and works quite well.

I have often wanted to rotate a bone in a direction that isn't along
a direct X/Y/Z path, and as a result I have to move it a bit this way,
then a bit that - like tacking a yacht.  It can be time-consuming and

Would there be any chance of making the freeform rotation from
Figure mode available in Sequences as well?  Perhaps if a bone
allows free unlimited rotation on all three axes an extra checkbox
could become active: "Allow free rotation".  When checked the
user can move the bone the same way as in Figure mode.

I do hope you consider this enhancement - personally I'd find
animations a _lot_ easier to produce.

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