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Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / New Year, can we excpect some news?
« on: January 02, 2013, 11:43:31 am »
Hi everyone.

Long time since the last time i tried to see if this awsome software get any new version, but looks like its still with the version of 2009. Man, this break my heart...

~10 years ago(2003, i was 13) i was trying to get in the world of 3D Modeling. In that time, there was no clever, or cheap software or tutorial for a total beginner, and my english was much worse. Then, i find this. The only program simple enough for me to understand, and above that, the only one with a complete tutorial about 3D modeling in my language, beside very clever and simple. Half of everything i know of modeling I get from this program. The few video i made i get with this soft, and besides i moved for blender, i'm still not confortable. Anima8or is like my home, everything is so familiar and direct.

I tried do something that simple in 2D(im still working on this), but was really hoping for some advance in this project. I get really scared in 2010, on the project page get off air, but since it's back, i'm looking fowrad for what we can expect.

I can suggest thing like, make the code open-source, or look for developers to help steve, since he looks overloaded at the moment. I'm sure i can help, even with litle things like make the program accept translates in another languages.

I enter here and get impressed of what many of the users achieve with the resources they have, and i want is that they can get more. Please, Steve, just tell us if there is something we can expect for the future(near or not).

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