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General Anim8or Forum / Cel Shading
« on: March 20, 2014, 10:15:44 am »
Good Afternoon Anim8ors

I was hoping to lend your wisdom once again.

I need some help with cel-shading. I poked around the internet for some answers. What I found was this:

I tried both methods mentioned and here are the results:

Method 1:
Ambient: 0.1
Diffuse: 0.5
Specular: 0
Transp: 1
Brill: 0.1
Rough: Blank

It looks just like normal shading to me. (See attached Image 1)

Method 2:
Ambient: 1
Diffuse: 1000
Spec: 0.5
Emmissive: 0
Rough: 0.1
Brill: 1
Transp: 1

This most definitely does the job but also wrecks any textures I've applied to the model. (See attached Image 2).

The textures applied to the models are ones I've made myself and not the plain colours from the default colour pallet. Could this have something to do with it?

Thanks for the insight

EDIT: my bad, added the pictures. Amateur mistake

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Joan of Arc
« on: August 05, 2013, 12:50:38 pm »
Hello Anim8or Community,

Im new to the forums and have lately been taking Anim8or very seriously. I did the usual beginner thing and tried tutorials and read the forums and all that. I've recently done the very popular "Joan of Arc" Tutorial and completed the modelling. The next stage of course is the texturing but before I continue I want to make sure that the model has been scrutinized by more experienced eyes. Please offer your CC and opinions. Also, please pay special attention to the edgeloops on the face. I intend to animate with this model once the texturing is done and I would appreciate any insight you have into edge loops. I'm here to learn.

The attached picture was scanline rendered.

Thanks in advance! Great team you guys have got going here.

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