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Hi guys,
I'm using texture tiles something like this and really need to know how to rotate textures, I see the invert image works (horizontally), but I also need a vertical flip and a combination of the two, is this a possible feature request or can it be done via a scripting? if so any tips? I saw Raxx's UVTools but that's overkill.
I'm not sure what flip u does, I couldn't see a difference.

Also, these settings are 'linked' to the image/texture, which means you have to reload the same image for each rotation combination, would be nice if these settings where moved up to material settings..

any thoughts? cheers.

Also, I was hoping I could "stamp" textures on faces but it looks like it's using the whole object in the UV instead of the faces?
Ie in texturesprob.png a stamp would be using the textures UV mapped to the poly like on the right two.

Also the UV feature doesn't help with stamping as it's too delicate.. maybe I'm using it wrong though.
Anyway, I can still use anim8or, I can just read the material names and roll my own UV coords.

Was also raised here  in 2009,1953.msg14329.html#msg14329

General Anim8or Forum / remove object from scene?
« on: July 09, 2016, 07:30:47 am »
I must be missing something obvious ::)
I can't figure out how to remove a object from a scene :'(

General Anim8or Forum / hello
« on: June 19, 2016, 10:36:11 pm »
I'm new to Anim8or.
Good little tool, I have to say :)
And I like the .an8 text format :D

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