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That will depend on stuff like number of polygons,vertices or your samples also anim8or only uses CPU rendering that means it will most likely take much longer to render that 30 seconds

As far as I know anim8or an8 format is not compatible with any other software out there...
1.So let's say you want to do something basic...
Render your animation from anim8or into a flat color usually green...
Then use chroma key(often associated with green screen) which is supported by a dozen software including the basic ones(try Filmora or VSDC)
Or if you want to go pro..I'd recommend after effects or Natron..

2.The other method is use the import video script in animator and then if you know the angle of the camera and FOV try to position the scene to fit the FOV and the camera and angle..
This can get difficult if the camera is moving around a lot...unfortunately for that you will need motion tracking

3.If you are going to be working with 3D animations and video footage you better start learning more powerful tools...
I had to learn blender and cinema 4D for that...

Thanks for the code Steve
I did the same thing however I used conditionals..well I read the ASL manual and.. I have to say the possibilities are endless...

Thanks for the one liner.
I changed the 100 to 10 so I move a distance of 10 and
0.0 to -1.0 since the morph is bidirectional and can go to extremes before looking awkward
Anyway I have already coded a program to automatically create a UI(like in the video) for all existing morph targets within a second..

ASL rocks!!

So I started treating targets like empties in Blender.. this is what seems after all we can get to control morph targets with ease..
Expressions update in real time which means basically anim8or is capable of physics(collision,particles and so on)

Video below look like some controls I am using in Blender  8)

Actually I was looking at the graph editor when I thought of sliders...the graph editor can be cluttered(Multiple keys looks like a mess,unless you disable all and do one morph at a time),lacks precision control(You cannot see the exact value as you move) and also it feels clunky to control the keys(Maybe because I am using a very wide screen with tiny GUI)...
I thought well the graph editor could just be replaced with sliders

Anim8or v1.0 Discussion Forum / Feature request - Sliders..Multiple sliders
« on: November 26, 2022, 04:54:16 am »
[Feature request]
I would love to see sliders for morph targets like a window that shows all morph targets sliders for existing morph targets.
That would be game changing...

Technical :
This should be easy to achieve.. In my experiment(as shown on picture) I get the value of the slider when the slider moves then update morph value on slider release.. but this only works for one morph at a time since well it's just window automation

Anim8or v1.0 Discussion Forum / Re: Morph or Not
« on: July 18, 2022, 05:37:56 am »
Actually it is quite useful to be able to preserve vertex order...this process is called non-destructive workflow..where you're able to change the main object and the rest of it's morph targets also follow the changes.Anyway I have done an experiment and succeeded with that.Basically I can delete a vertex and a new one and still preserve the shape keys,at first I did it with one vertex now I am working on recalculating all vertices.

Anim8or v1.0 Discussion Forum / Morph or Not
« on: July 13, 2022, 05:21:21 am »
I was working on a little something..until I came across an odd behavior.. at first I thought it is a bug and eventually I tested across multiple versions...It appears when you delete vertices on a mesh with morph targets all the targets disappear..or am I missing something?

You're welcome  8)

It turns out the problem was the structure,I followed a schema of recent versions I neglected it will be dynamic...anyway you're using an older version of anim8or so the whole structure broke...So I fixed all the problems..basically buffering the whole file, structuring it according to my own parser, then performing calculations point to point..Still does within a the blink of an eye.You can download the update.
Also update your Anim8or version..Anim8or has improved a lot since that version.  8)

I have a feeling you did not set the keys on those specific frames...I did not set the error checking to check if you the keys exists on such frames or not.

Remember the new version targets the specific object you select on the drop down so the morph targets will also follow the object...if you select vice versa weird things will happen...Anyway send I'll check what's wrong with your file.

Try the update now...I have added the ability to select the specific object you're targeting , I fixed the brackets and the scientific notation...

Glad to know it worked for you... 8) I'll update to correct those scientific notation..

Did you check in C:/NiftyTool for the file called morph_ersect ? also could you send me your test file and I'll test it myself

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