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ASL Scripts / Re: .X
« on: July 31, 2009, 05:46:08 pm »
There are two free programs I know of that can import .x and export in a suitable format for Anim8or: Truespace 7.6 and Bryce 5. In my case the program which created the .x is rather specialised and Bryce 5 was the only program which worked. Exporting is a bit awkward but beggers can't be choosers:

Sometimes Anim8or can handle the UV mapping perfectly fine, other times not. There are times when I can only tell once the texture has been applied, so that's why I often run into this problem*. My main reason for posting was so that Mr Glanville would know it's an issue. I imagine it could be fixed with a try-catch block, or the equivalent for the language this is written in.

*Plus it was not an issue for previous versions because they didn't try to make the .mtl file.

If I export a model as obj, and there's a material whose texture cannot be found, the program crashes.

To be give an example:
Say I have a model which already has some textures, and I want to export some faces as obj files so I can work on the texture mapping in something like LithUnwrap. I select the faces and detach them, and then copy and paste the new mesh into a new file. The material is also pasted in but it loses the texture.

I can either delete the material or choose an image file for the texture, but if I forget, which is quite common, Anim8or will crash when I try to export the object. Would it be possible to insert some code which throws up an error message if there's no texture found, and prevents the crash?

edit: I'd also like to say a sincere thank you. Anim8or's a great program :D

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