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I am creating a 'BIG' batch of building models.
A planetary colonization firm named RE-NEW-HILL.
I will first focus on Mars colonization buildings and if all things go well, maybe expand.
The first one is a small housing unit, wich is almost done. (only a wee bit of texturing left)
This unit is interlockable, you can set down a single unit or lock together blocks of 2-32.
Or 2 blocks of 32 with a municipal hub inbetween. (next to be created)

All the hallways, stairs, plumbing, pipes, wires ect. are housed in the darker blue area and all interlock.
So no matter how many units are hooked together, it all works as one system and every units will be
accessable from the walkways (Ports)

Obviously, we cant build, on this scale, on mars yet because it is too costly
to sent up raw building materials; everything would be made of prefab moduals.
But thats not very fun to make so i will asume that the space elivator has been built
on earth and mars, making it cost effective to build the buildings on mars rather then earth.
This will show on one of my next buildings (medium Housing stack).
As this small housing unit is not a modual but it is a prefab unit the MHS will be nothing of
the sort, very much more building-like.

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Space Fighter-ODF JakeArts
« on: September 06, 2009, 08:17:15 pm »
It can take off from land the fight in orbit. Many hidden gadgets that seal nicely.

I am going to make a varient of this that stays in space.

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