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General Anim8or Forum / Re: Bi-polar anim8or?
« on: April 12, 2010, 01:20:54 pm »
Hard-drives are disks. They are just more permanent than cds. It should be compatible, unless it has a different jack than it is allowed. Happy to help.

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Bi-polar anim8or?
« on: April 12, 2010, 10:57:54 am »
There are other posts complaining about Windows 7 and the inability to run Anim8or. I have one solution that would be a pain, but would work if it is windows 7 that is causing the problem. Partition your drive, or set another drive that is hooked up to your computer, on a separate partition of your main one. I don't know exactly how to do this, but there are loads of tutorials on the internet. After partitioning your drive(s) install another version of Windows (like XP) on the separate partition. Again, the internet has tutorials on doing this. Be careful, you will end up on the "dark side" of the computer doing this...
MAKE SURE YOU DON'T MESS WITH ANY FILES OR DIRECTORIES YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO; YOU CAN SERIOUSLY RUIN YOUR COMPUTER!!!!!!After all of this, you will basically have two computers in one. This is a hassel, and every time you start up you will have to decide what partition you will want on (though it may not prompt you to choose, you have to make it do so). Now, if the problem is the chipset or whatnot, this may not help, and you will have wasted hours doing this. Also, many tutorials on the internet use MS-DOS to partition, but DOS was discontinued in 2006... so you will need to find out if you can still use that DOS with Windows 7 (especially if your running 64-bit) or if you will have to get another program. Hope this helps.

Maybe instead of stills, do an animation in comic style. The characters don't move much, like maybe move an arm, and habitually they are choppy in moving bodyparts and often back and forth, and the characters often seem to slide across screen if they move. Speech bubbles often flash before going solid. It might look neat if you decide to do it that way, you just want to make sure the bubbles stay up long enough.

Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / I would like just two things...
« on: April 12, 2010, 09:45:35 am »
I would love a ruler tool. This would be great for realistic modeling, especially if one could specify custom measurements. An ASL would be nice, but it would be useful in all the modes, not just object.

"Locked Mesh"... the ability to lock all (or some) of the points in a mesh (and back again) which would also be useful in realistic models.

Otherwise (and anyways) GREAT job on Anim8or Steve!

ASL Scripts / ASL matching unlike things...
« on: April 12, 2010, 09:31:27 am »
I don't know much at all about ASL, but I have been using Anim8or for a little more than a year. I was wondering if it is possible to make it to when I edit a bone, in scene or sequence mode, a corrisponding morph target will change accordingly. Like Morpharm equals ArmBone.x. The other possibility is when I move something, certain points will move to other ones. The reason I need this is I'm trying to model a realistic "Universal Person". So far it looks good, but I'm not sure how to animate it so the skin doesn't look broken, for if (and probably when) I have him/her wear a tank-top. I'm betting this is pretty complex... so please help if you have any ideas. Thank you.

EDIT: Looking around, I found out what skinning actually is, any tips on that instead?

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