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Ongoing Anim8or Development / Re: Picking Rules
« on: March 23, 2016, 05:52:00 am »
They work very well. I noticed great improvement between v1229 and v1230.
When in fast select, with the move tool, if I select an edge and then drag one of its points, the whole edge will move. Is this expected? On the contrary, if I select a face, then drag one of its edges, the edge will be moved.

Working on win7 and Fedora 17 with wine. Thanks a lot, Steve, glad to see you back.

I noticed some bugs with the smooth-flat-wire buttons (maybe related to Raxx's bug?). I have shaders enabled:
- win7: Flat doesn't work, shows smooth instead
- linux: Tried rolling between smooth-flat-wire buttons a couple of times, and noticed a per-button lag: ie. pressed smooth, then pressing flat activated smooth, then pressing wire activated flat, then pressing smooth activated wire etc.
...hope this helps (TM)

You're seeing some light about the collision issue? That's great! It was making me feel kinda down.

Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / Re: Feature Request Thread
« on: June 07, 2013, 10:40:47 am »
I really believe that ASL is the future. I'll propose something radical:
ASL Event System. When a script is run, it can have registerEvent() functions, that bind other, unrun parts of its code with events happening inside anim8or. When an event happens (mouse click? switch to mode? model rotation? start of render? whatever?) the bound code is run, with parameters related to the event (ie. mouse position, or mode we're leaving and where are we going etc) and ASL code is executed that does interesting stuff.
Yes, I know it's almost impossible. But it's real power for the ASL.

Also I +1 the tier 1 PNG support. mustmustmust

Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / Re: v0.97e Pre-Beta
« on: June 07, 2013, 10:06:57 am »
You made my day. No, week. Oh my, you enjoy something so much when you miss it for so long!

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Anim8or Chat
« on: April 29, 2013, 08:54:16 am »
I'm in.

For use with hexchat, don't choose the entry, but let it choose the port automatically (use simply

It works perfectly. Makes no sense. Are you sure the error is in the line - triangle collision code?
I remember writing some code for 2d collision back then... the problem wasn't in the collision detection method, but in the code that was using it. I mean, maybe it's not a matter of how you find the collision, but what you do afterwards.

You have a busy life :) that's good.

Pardon me for the last one, I should have used -static-libgcc and -static-libstdc++ options while linking. Try with this one.

PS I added two flaps at the sides, don't get surprised if they magically appear on the screen :P


I made it... it renders a black screen, so it seems the function returns always false. Weird. Maybe some more bugtracking will show the cause.

Are you working on other things meanwhile?

EDIT: Oops, it was a bug outside the function... my fault... please stand by.
EDIT2: Still black. :(
EDIT3: Ok, working... I'm now trying to convince WinGDI to display it on screen. Somehow!
EDIT4: AH finally!

cooldude234, could you please run this on your PC and send me the result? Double clicking on the window saves the image in C:\test.bmp.

The attached test.png is what I get. Edges look OK here. Also the bright line at the middle is a good sign. We'll see if this is a matter of different pc architectures (I doubt it).

EDIT5 tart.exe had a bug, I uploaded new version below.

I really want to see this bug solved, so I started making a small ray tracer based on line triangle collision, to verify the causes visually.

(Who knows, it might prove useful later too.)

EDIT: Of course you're not paying me :P that's the point of FOSS. A paid coder wouldn't make a whole program to solve just a bug. ;)

Sorry for being idle, the semester has started and I had to cope with it.

cooldude234, can you please give me again an example input to test? i.e. 3 points of a triangle and 2 points of a line that you know they produce wrong results? Because I made many tests and it works so far flawlessly.

d is never used for testing if the point is inside the triangle.
Oh yes, for testing if the point belongs in the triangle I didn't use d, but the plane's normal plus a vertice that belongs in the plane (Vert1/2/3).

EDIT: there seems to be some issues when I put it into an object, I not sure whats happening so I'll do some more debugging, but it doesn't seem to be working again ):
): I'll test it again too... but I've failed so many times that I'm not anymore sure if I'll do anything useful...

I just tested your code, it doesn't work.
DOH. :-/
Did you also test the code I sent you in the PM and it still doesn't work?

Also what method are you using (I really don't understand any the code too much), is it this method you are using?
Nope, the method I use is based on solving linear systems of equations. I might upload some explanation later.

Right now I'm trying to figure out how a, b and c are being represented as the plane, because the math that you used to make the plane defined by the triangle is exactly the same as the code I used for finding the normal of the triangle (by getting the cross-product). But you cannot have a plane with the normal, you need a point as well to define the position (I use the first vertices read because its quick and easy, it doesn't matter which it is anyways).
You forgot 'd'. (a,b,c) is indeed the normal of the plane. But, a*x+b*y+c*z=d is what describes the actual plane. I put it in a linear system with the other equations (lines etc) and new results are produced. The assignments I do (abcd,a1a2 etc) are actually the solutions of the linear systems.
No, of course I didn't solve them myself. get wxMaxima from here:

The code for finding the collision point is correct, I've tested it many times. Now, what happens with the code for checking if it belongs in the triangle... that's another weird problem.

EDIT: wait, what do you mean 'the collision spot is smaller than the actual triangle'?

Ok, fixed...
cooldude234, I PM'd you with your fixed code.  :)

For the rest, rti v4 is attached below.

(Work this time... plz...  ;D)

Oh, oh I found the bug. I'll post a new version once I fix it. Thanks for the input, it helped.

(If you're curious, rti3 code was made to work only with equilateral triangles... [What on earth was I thinking?] Anyway, I'll have news soon.)

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