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General Anim8or Forum / Grid Changes?
« on: September 30, 2016, 04:43:29 pm »
When I go into point edit mode with grid enabled and a bunch of points selected, when I move these points they don't retain their position relative to the other points (they don't move in unison).
I am pretty sure that the grid didn't work like this before?
But either way I would like control over whether the points movie in unison (like if all the points where moving like an object does with grid enabled) or whether they move individuality (each point snaps to the grid).

Take for instance, I have a cylinder and I want to move all the points on one end outwards by 1 unit. Right now if I go into point edit mode and select all the points and move them in the Y axis, they will become 1 unit further out but all the points wont be in a circle anymore. The cylinder will end up having a jagged end.

So I've been thinking of getting a 3D printer but non had offered up the key things I wanted (the closest being the rep-rap but it's just way to small for my liking). So hey why not just make one my self, and why not make it anim8or compatible 8)

So I've tried to simplify the concept of the 3D printer so that it can use as less materials as possible in constructing the unit. On top of that I wanted it to be as efficient with its space as much as possible. Some models have the hot platform move along the Z axis; but this means that I must have room for the platform to move. If the printer takes up 2ft by 2ft by 1ft I want it to be able to print objects as close to that size as possible, meaning I can't have a moving platform take up space so it can move back and forth.

So here is my concept design, quite rough as it stands right now.
Also please note in this image the Y axis wont work like that (the shaft would need to turn, so it couldn't be attached to the frame like that)

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Another case design
« on: July 09, 2014, 05:07:13 am »
A friend of mine was wanting to do a cheap gaming PC build and we had a short talk about custom cases and I offered to lend my services so I can get some practice in doing more custom designs. Which got me to thinking 'n doing some concepts and this is got I came up with this quick and dirty model in about an hour.

General Anim8or Forum / The site is being a slug lately
« on: June 24, 2014, 03:58:16 am »
I mean it keeps having connection problems more frequently than usual. Is it just me, or is Steve messing with the server's electronics ???

General Anim8or Forum / Nostalgic 3D - The minds eye
« on: June 19, 2014, 04:07:55 am »
Doe's any one else remember these...
I also find they're still useful for looking back and seeing how they did some of these things from a technical standpoint.

Finished Works and Works in Progress / So what do I use anim8or for...
« on: February 09, 2014, 03:31:01 am »
EVERYTHING that suites it.
Basically this is a direct reply to an old post here on the anim8or forums where which someone had asked what do you use anim8or for. Well, I thought I'd show one of the things I use it for (as one of those things are actually finished YAY! -ish awe).

I tend to do a lot of concept designs with anim8or that require a full 3d view, where I need to see the back of it, the front, the sides and pretty much just the general shape of it and what it would look like in real life. This is hard to do when you are drawing it flat, or looking at pictures that you can't rotate. So 3D modelling such a thing is a great way to go about it *whiny voice* but 3d modeling can be such pain *whiny voice*. Which is why I love anim8or, it has such simple and intuitive tools for modeling I can make the shape of something I need really quickly and effectively.

So I decided to make a custom paint job on my computer case that I would purchase, but I wanted to have the design done before I bought it. So I modeled it based on reference images on the web.
As you can tell it is super low poly but that's kinda the point, simple and quick. After this was I was able to take the texture I had, and simply just go into my favorite bitmap editor and go at it like mad until I found a design I liked. I also used the script plugin Load-Textures or what ever it was called (click it and it reloads all the textures in the anim8or project).
So I ordered the case (shipped quite fast by newegg, less than a week it took) and went to home depot and bought some spray paint and some painters tape from the dollar store. Now can you guess what I did next, I painted it (I bet you didn't see that one coming  ;D).

As you can see the result worked out pretty well (Now I just need to get better at spray painting).
And finally my whole setup, please don't mind the clutter it has no where else to go :D (quite literally half my room is nothing but boxes)

And just for those who are interested my current specs.
CPU: intel Core i7-4770K over clocked to 4ghz
HeatSync: Noctua NH-U14S
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 800 watt model
RAM: Patriot Viper 3 Series 16GB at 2400Mhz
Graphics Card: MSI GeForce GTX 760 twin forzr Over clocked edition
Mother board: MSI Z87 MPOWER
And of course the case: NZXT Phantom Enthusiast Full Tower Custom Painted

General Anim8or Forum / Team project?
« on: May 20, 2013, 01:56:55 am »


Welcome to the Team Space Animation Project Thread (long title ;))
I wanted to start a group project where the theme and story revolve around space. And not just another story set in space, but one that is actually about space and captures essence and stigma that a lot of people have towards it.
And so here we are.
The Style of this animation is planned to have mixed techniques and styles. Things like 3D rendered backgrounds (and some harder to draw/tedious things in 3D) and 2D character animations. I have been personally working on the soundtrack which is an orchestra crossed electronic (which gives it a good balance between the cinematic and futuristic feel). However if anyone wants to they can contribute to the soundtrack (as long as it fits/is appropriate, that will have to get by first, reasonably that is ;)). THe length of this animation shouldn't be too long, but not too short (in relation to theatrical shows) meaning around 30 minutes would be a good target.

Now voice acting is going to be a tricky thing. I do have good hardware and me and a friend can do voice acting but 2 people is not enough. So please note if you want to do voice acting you have to have a good setup so audio quality can remain good. But this will be dealt with later on.

NOTE: Anyone is allow to join however I don't want 30 people working on something like the story and only a few on animation. Meaning if your joining you might not get to work on everything you want/just the fun parts (you can give helpful suggestions though). However there will be some order to this don't worry it's not like I'm going to be unreasonable.

So the key points are...
  • 20-30 Minutes in length
  • Mixed style animation (3D backgrounds, 2D characters, different drawing and modeling styles can be done in different shots etc.)
  • Focus less on story and more on the theme of space

Todo List
  • Organize work flow
  • story planning and boarding

Note: this post will be edited with updates as the project moves along.
                      /  -|                                      ____--_ _--_ _ _  --     _      -
                     /      |          __    __-___-__
      ----------------\   _--____-_-___
<         N A S A        |> _-_---__-___-
      ----------------/       -----__--__---
                     \      |                               ---__-___------__ _--- --      __     -   -            -
                      \   _|

                                                                     appreciate this ascii art that I made 8) lol                  

So I got bored with programing and did some modeling.
For some practice on ambient scene objects (random objects that aren't necessarily the main focus in the scene, e.g. a waste bin, a tv, a book etc) I did a vending machine.
Here are the pictures...

General Anim8or Forum / equirectangular images to cubie faces
« on: February 13, 2013, 11:37:48 pm »
I thought I would ask around here considering this is 3D graphics forum and a lot of people here know quite a bit of free software.
So here's my dilemma, I'm trying to render (in Carrara) a full 360 degree scene on all axis so I can use it as a skybox in my engine. However I can only render a equirectangular image, in other words a spheremap/skydome. I really don't want to use skydomes because of the distortion you get at the polar ends of the sphere (see image for illustration). So I set my sights to seek down some conversion software, but the software I found gave the exact same distortion. ):<
Any thoughts?

So I decided to make a newer tree that isnt a whole waste of polygons (the other one in my engine is like 1000 and more faces just for one tree :P ), so here we go I made my version of a low polygon tree.
(note: lighting is not enabled in the image)

EDIT: added a second image, this time a little further out

So apparently it was Halloween two hours and twenty minutes ago, I quickly scrambled to my computer, model and rendered this image ;P

If anyone has used a graphic design software, such as flash or fireworks, you should be familiar with this tool.
I'm pretty sure in flash 8 it is called the transform tool,
but here's my proposition, the select tool will have advanced features, if you click where there's nothing visible, and drag it would it select points and faces like normal, but once you have selected points a box would appear around them (see picture) and you can click and drag on the box to move the points, or move the mouse to the corner of the box and you can do a matrix transformation on the points.
You can have more functions built into this (like scaling and etc.) if you wanted to.

This would save time as you wouldn't have to create modifiers and effect things that take 2343 hours for a simple job like skewing things and such. It also shouldn't be that hard to implement.

what do you think?

General Anim8or Forum / Forum Glitch?
« on: January 18, 2012, 11:55:51 pm »
I don't know about you but I have a max character of allowing me to only a single 1 in my signature.
I pretty sure that's not supposed to happen (either that or other hacked the site to get more than one character), so I am only allowed to fit a single digit in...


Well if you weren't a commonear (64... hehehe) to the cre8or site, then you probably don't know already, and if you were common to the cre8or site, you probably still don't even know (cause no one seem to go onto that site), so I shall tell you now, cre8or is dead.
Quite frankly I'm surprised that cre8or was able to stay alive for the several years it had, specially since its own creator (kappa/kappax) only was online basically 4 times within t three years. I wouldn't have blame kappax for its death if he actually legitimately explained why he couldn't work on it, or if had of let other people to carry on the project, but no he didn't.

So its dead, now what? or even "what will ever happen to the bird splash screen that always had some sort of invert blend effect on it? WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO IT!?!?!",  you may ask. Well now I should have filtered out the people who actually used cre8or between the people don't care what so ever with my long arse rant of the day here, so let me tell you...

I'm currently working on a new version of cre8or, and with my zombie instincts kicking in, I call the project code name, project undead, fitting don't you think?
Some things are going to change with my version of it...

I have no site, 1-two I have no money for a site, 1-three I am piss poor site wise. So ignore the site right now, I will see what I can do about that later

I am using opengl directly, so no ogre3d nor directx (opengl is better anyways)

I'm still making it work with anim8or for multiple reasons, one its awesome, two its easy to use, three its awesome, did I mention its awesome (I love its modeling tools)

audiere is the only sound library I got working so its being used (but I got it to work a lot better)

The interface is going to be different, but very similar, plus I'm making it more professional (tool descriptions are actually going to work with actual definitions included)

the first version of the project undead will look worse than cre8or, but that's because I still haven't got glsl shaders to work yet.

I know I'm missing lots of stuff but that's all my brain is configuring right now so uhh yea, umm if you have any comments, questions, rants, flame wars, curses, just let me know.

General Anim8or Forum / Cre8or? where art thou?
« on: December 23, 2010, 03:35:48 pm »
Im sorry that I had to post this here but its the closest forum to cre8or.
Does anyone know why the forum has been down for days and days now?

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