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Finished Works and Works in Progress / Eart Preview
« on: June 10, 2009, 01:12:30 am »
 Hello there. :)
 I've been working on this short movie for a wee while now, and last night i thought i'd make a short preview.
  Some things could use tweeking.
 The movie itself is now at 9 minutes long. Mostly done, but more sound to be added, and movie needs ending.
 I've just realised that youtube have a 10 minute limit, so i may be able to finish it under that time, or i may have to release it in parts.
 We'll see....

 Heres the link

and i've posted a pic, which hopefrully will be shown below.

 Bye for now

General Anim8or Forum / Re: School
« on: May 30, 2009, 04:19:06 am »
 Nope.   :)
 Easiest, cheapest option where i live is learn yourself.
 Pick stuff up from trial/error and internet.

 Would need to move a hundred miles away and pay big money for 3D modelling/animation school.

 Mind you, would've saved a lot of wasted time, frustration, and silly mistakes, if i had been taught some basic ins and outs at the beginning.
  lol.     ::)

 See if any of your softwares has chromokeying.
 If so, there will be information with your software on how to use it
 Its a bit too involved for me to explain here.

 Chromo-keying removes a chosen colour from your pic/video, leaving transparencey where that color used to be.

 Another possibilty could be to use the chroma-keying function in one of the editing programs that you have.
 The markings that you want to add copuld be made in a paint program, or even anim8or  ;), onto a  pure green backgrond.
 Then put in that track above the footy scene, add the chromokeyer, and your dots/lines will then be visible on the footy field. The you will probably have to adjust the positions.

 Just a possibility.   :)

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Open-End Wrench
« on: May 26, 2009, 12:53:29 am »
 Not too bad. :)
 The cut tool is a very handy tool. ;)

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Bone Animation Help
« on: May 26, 2009, 12:49:50 am »
Pays to check the basics in the manual?

 X,y and z axis each use different mouse button.
 x=left mouse, y = right mouse. z = middle mouse.

 Turn on the 'show axis' button in the left toolbar.
 x = green, y = blue, z = purple.
 This shows the axis  and limits.

  Bones only move 'up, down, or rotate, so that makes me think more about your question.
 If you can see the axis movement available, (show axis button), you will probably find that the bones are indeed moving along thier correct axis.

  Does that help?


 Theres a 'draw line' tool?. (i think thats what its called.  Down the leftside toolbar, while in point edit mode, its a knife.
 Select that, and the edge selection setting. (ie: points, faces or edges, choose edges.)

 Now you can cut new lines into your object.
 To keep the inside of the jaws 'sharp-edged' while subdividing the whole spanner, just cut a new line really close to the existing inside-jaw lines.

  Hopefully you can follow that. Sorry i can't post an image right now.

 By cutting a new line on the inside of an existing line.

 Then go 'build -> convert to subdivided'.

 Hope that helps.

General Anim8or Forum / Re: My video tutorials I need them
« on: May 22, 2009, 05:03:44 am »
 MP3D. My old friend.   ;)

    I'm lookin in here at least every second day now. I can now acces the internet through my job. (school caretaker).

 Am working hard on my latest video, which so far is up to 9 minutes long. Hoping to have it finished in about another month.
 Also will be starting a web page soon, and will make everything i've done available for download.
 Perhaps we could link to each other when we're both back up and running.?

 Good luck getting all your tuts back. I'm sure it'll all work out good.

 I am around, but the forum is always pretty well taken care of by the time i get here.  ;) (nice one floyd86, and others).  :)

 I'm still 'madly in love with Anim8or'.   ;D

 Cya guys.
You can count on it.  :)

 To complete your movie, with post production editing and sound, you'll need a video editing software.
 (there are some free ones, but not sure of names off-hand).
  'Sony Movie studio' is not expensive, and is built up from 'Sonic Foundry Vegas Video', which is now quite old, but absoloutly rocks.

 Adding sound, and being able to edit together your final 'Anim8or rendered videos,  will really take you to that next stage of movie-making.  :)

General Anim8or Forum / Re: zooming?
« on: May 01, 2009, 02:39:28 am »
 To use 'camera zoom' in scene mode, create a key for the 'FOV' of the camera.
 Then, open the graph editor and adjust your key value from there.
 Real time camera zoom. :)

 This tut will also explain, (i hope),  a basic theory about using morph targets.
 The only difference is that, instead of morphing a cube you would be applying the principles to a face, and its expressions.


 Hi, :),

 Have posted my eg.

Heres the link.

 Still not perfect, but can get through the method quite quickly once you get in the swing of it.  ;)

 I've got no idea how hard this next idea would be to program, but i was thinking that, even when IK comes into affect in anim8or, its something that wouldn't necessarily need to be discarded after that.
 Maybe some sort of 'magnet'.
ie: when foot touches floor, select foot bone, bring in a magnet and place directly below footbone,  and then  connect foot bone temporarily to magnet. (somehow). ::)

 But, for now, i'll probably keep working on the stepstick theory, when i need to.
 Sopmetimes, depending on how your scene is set up, footslip can be ignored because its not even noticable.
 My latest little clip has the road moving, instead of the character.  The footslip isn't a noticeable problem.


 Nice. :).  That method gives excellent results. Little bit of mucking around if the animation becomes a bit more complex, but aprt from that, it looks like it gives a decent result.
 I got home the other day, thinking i had this floor-skating thing sussed. But then when i tried to get it right through double keying etc..., i realised that it wasn't as straight forward as i had thought.
 (i remember, quite a while ago, when we discovered that a double key would bring your character to a dead stop.  Then a corner key further down would hold is position till then. Over time i must've created the false illusion that i could now stop floor slipping altogether. Hmmm.)
 I got it in the end, by means of a 'measuring stick'. (step stick).
 Just a longish black rectangle, with white markings, each exactly the same size as the characters foot, and spaced exactly the distance apart of the characters 'stride'. (i used morph targets on the stick to stretch the distance between his stride till i got it just right. The stride also needs to be the same for both left and right steps. (sequence mode adjustment).

 Put character in scene and position it. Then add 'step-stick',  side view of the character,, and position under his feet, with front foot perfectly in white area. Key position, copy position key and paste on next frame.
 But heres the mundane bit. Every third frame i would make sure the position of the foot was the same as 3 frames earlier.  (Turn off Y and Z position axis, slide character on X axis back to the right position if needed. Key position each 3rd frame)
 Continue till back leg has travelled to front. When new front leg, (foot), touches ground, key position, and again, copy-paste that key to next frame, and repeat as before, keying every 3rd frame.

 So, there is still a bit of mucking round, but results are reasonably ok.
 I should post an example vid, but can't do right now. Am in town and don't have it on my flashdrive.
 maybe 2moro.


 There is a way to at least 'minimize skating', and even stop it all together.
  It comes down to 'positioning and double keying'.
 I'll make up something a little more 'succint' to help explain. ;)
 For now, i gotta go to work.

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Moving Billboards
« on: March 15, 2009, 02:47:02 am »
 Cool. I'm gonna have a bash at 1 too. :)

(My mechanical versions are posted in Works in Progress forum.)
 Cheers for the comment headwax. :)

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