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 Very, very nice. Great to see. Beautifully done. (Loved the leap). many thumbs up!!!!!

EDIT: The way you animated Drakys eyes is interesting. Looks good!!

That's so funny!!

 Well done dude. 

 No blinking?

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: I Am Proud Of This Rig
« on: June 30, 2023, 05:18:13 am »
I just don't have any ideas
Now that you've got lucas rigged, you could test him out with a wave. Maybe even 'walk' onto the stage, stop in front of camera, and wave. You could even try some lipsync. (morphs).  "hi there, i'm lucas" 
(or just a big smile and blink, to start with)

 (all good things to learn)

 Cool viking, well done.
 Was wondering about the base.  Did u glue on the stoney surface bits, and i'm guessing the mushroom/toadstool is hand made, rather than printed?.

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Series about Angels
« on: March 07, 2023, 01:12:08 am »
Xcellent work, again.

 You've upgraded the wings. (?)
 The hours you spend on this shows in the ongoing improvements to the final cuts.
 Very well done Michel.   

 Give it a go rendering into .avi using anim8or. (uncompressed .avi) You're PC just might handle it ok.
 Various, (most?),  video editing software will take uncompressed .avi. (best quality, large files)
 I started long ago, and have stuck with 'sonic foundry vegas video. (now sony have taken over and i'm not sure if there's a free version)
 If you can get your hands on an old 'sonic foundry vegas video 4', it has unlimited video and audio tracks.
 Problem with using old sonic foundry program is compatability issues with some newer video and audio formats, tho if you stick with uncompressed .avi you'll be right. (format can be changed/video compressed, after final production.)
BUT, Times have changed, and a google for 'free video editing software' shows a whole lot of more recent programs.
 None of which i recognise!! Lol

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Add new bone "glitch" ???
« on: December 12, 2022, 03:09:42 am »

 Just to check:
 Make sure you select the bone first. <a>
 Then choose 'add bone'. <N>

 Yes, i understand what you're saying.....
.....and It would be very cool 

 the graph editor allows you to change morph values in real time by sliding key(s) up and down.  8)
 ...just saying... ;)

 Welcome.  :)

Ok, cool. Found the problem.
 You can set the strength and size of the weight brush by going 'Build -> Weight brush' (figure mode)
 I've entered a strength of 1, and a radius of 12. and gone over the glitchy parts of the fingers again. (fixed).
 The rest looks ok.
 By changing strength to 1, i gave it 'maximum stick'.
 Being able to change size of brush is really handy for little and 'close together' things.  ;)

OK. Either try again, or post your file and i'll take some snapshots of where the problems are, so you'll have a better idea at recognising what to look for.
 You could try repainting the second and third fingers. Just repaint over top of what you have already done, there's a good chance you'll catch the ones you've missed.

 In this video, at about 5.22, it shows where the hand has a 'glitch', and how i fixed it. What you've got is the same type of thing.

In the first picture, showing the colors, go to wireframe view.
 The paint attaches to the vertices. (points). If you zoom in and around a bit and have a close look at the vertices on the glitchy fingers, you'll see where you've missed a point. It will be a different color than it should be. (a point is not stuck to the bone, so when you move the finger, the point doesn't move with it) It's a common thing, you just need to have a closer look to find the offending point.
Otherwise, looking good :)

 Nice one mr beaver.
 Perhaps if you put a slight curve in his fingers his arms won't look quite so 'robotic'. I saw an interesting animation tutorial, which i can't find right now, but it showed a nice keying trick to make arms more fluid.  (for this to work, you need to have a slight swing in shoulders, elbows and wrists, resulting in all these joints being keyed).  Basically, if you look in your timetrack at the keys, the keys for shoulder, elbow, and wrist, might all be done in the same frame number. The trick is to seperate the frame numbers for each joint. EG: the shoulder move fwd frame 2, then the elbow frame  4, then the wrist frame 6. (just for example sake). It gives a more natural swing to the arms. (shoulder moves, then elbow, then wrist) Hope i explained the idea ok.
 The jump can be improved by timing, like the bouncing ball tutorial.  'Faster down than up'.
 All in all, well done. :)

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Figures and Named Com Parameters problem
« on: August 26, 2022, 12:36:20 am »
 That's good news Nellucnaiv.
 Speaking of backing up. I had a pc disaster a little while back, and have just spent the last few hours hooking up a replacement and moving 'backed up' files onto the new hard drive(s).
 Am missing a lot thus far, but do have other hard drives to search through yet. Am hoping there's some fairly recent backups there. Have got most of my programs back, just hoping to find some missing anim8or projects now.
 One thing i have gotten back is these. (below)
  Can't find the hosting links yet, but won't be hard to set that up again.
 yay for backups.  :)

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