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An update to Anim8or, v1.00b, is available with a few bug fixes. Get your copy HERE. See the "ReadMe" file for details.

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Ongoing Anim8or Development / ASL Attribute Functions
« on: March 05, 2014, 10:48:43 pm »
ASL now has functions add new attributes and to change their types and values.  Previously you could only read existing attributes' values.  In addition attribute functions now work for materials.

Object attribute functions:
    attrubute object.NewAttribute(string name);

Material attribute functions:
    int material.GetNumAttributes(void);
    attribute material.GetAttribute(int index);
    attribute material.LookupAttribute(string name);
    attribute material.NewAttribute(string name);

Functions to set attribute values:
    int attribute.SetKind(AttributeTypes);
    int attribute.SetBoolValue(int);
    int attribute.SetIntValue(int);
    int attribute.SetFloatValue(float);
    int attribute.SetPoint3Value(point3);
    int attribute.SetQuaternionValue(quaternion);
    int attribute.SetStringValue(string);

Note: these functions automatically change the type of an attribute to match the type of the SetTypeValue call, so be careful when using them. I thought that this would make it easier to add new attributes but if you thing that they should check that the type matches, or convert the value, let me know.

They return 1 if they succeed which should always happen, for now. This will change if we decide that they should check the types in one form or another.

Ongoing Anim8or Development / ASL $main() function
« on: March 05, 2014, 10:30:07 pm »
If you declare a function named $main your script will initiate with a call to that function. It must return the type void and have no parameters or simply void:

void $main(void) { ... }

Other global executable statements are prohibited when there is a $main function, but global variable declarations are allowed.

Ongoing Anim8or Development / ASL integer bit-wise operators
« on: March 05, 2014, 10:26:09 pm »
Build 1071 adds the integer bit-wise operators &, ^, |, << and >>. Since there is no unsigned int in ASL the right shift always sign extends.

Build 1075 adds bit negate ~, and ++ and --.

Note: Build 175 had a bug parsing prefix ++ and -- so it was replaced by build 1076.

This builds adds do/while, C-like for, break and continue statements. They should have the same semantics as C so give them a try and let me know if you find any problems.

Ongoing Anim8or Development / ASL Functions
« on: February 25, 2014, 06:13:45 am »
As of build 1070 Anim8or supports user functions in ASL. The format is like normal functions:

<type> name ( <type> ident, <type> ident, ...)

There is a new type void for functions that don't return a value and a new statement:
return <expr>;
As usual, return statements can only appear in functions and don't have the <expr> for void functions.

OK now the restrictions:

1. No forward declarations. Function headers must be followed by the definition in the form of a compound statement "{...}".

2. No recursion. Anim8or doesn't check for self-recursion yet (a last minute bug  :().  If you try it be prepared for chaos. I plan on allowing recursion but it's quite a bit of work to do efficiently so it may take a while.

3. Functions must be declared before they are called.

4. There is no "main" function yet. Any statements that aren't in a function are gathered into the "main" function, no matter where they appear.  Kind of whacky, I know, but this allows you to more easily add functions to existing scripts. I'll fix this shortly by supporting a "main" structure.

5. No array parameters. All parameters and function results are the predefined types: int, string, float, point2, point3, quaternion, float4x4, shape, meshdata, spline, material, attribute, texture, object, figure, sequence, scene, and tridata.

6. All parameters are passed by value. Remember: types that represent objects within Anim8or (shape, meshdata, material, etc.) are actually handles so any changes to the parameter within a function affect the same object as outside the function. In the future I hope to add support for an out modifier to return values through parameters as well as via the function result.

7. Function format parameter and local declarations are in a separate scope from global variables.  Declarations within compound statements {} are still in the enclosing scope however. I hope to fix this soon as well but it could potentially break existing scripts. Let me know if you think this would be a big problem.

8. Not really function related, but you can use C++-style "//" comment delimiters now.

I'll post a couple of examples when I get a chance but hopefully this gives you something to start with!

Ongoing Anim8or Development / Active Property Dialogs
« on: February 03, 2014, 09:56:25 pm »
All properties dialogs in the Object editor are now "active". Changes show up immediately while you're still in the dialog. There is also mode detail such as point/edge/face count and memory usage and a lot of little bugs in the Undo/Redo code have been fixed.

New to 1066: I added a check box in the parametric meshes properties dialog to disable active updates to the screen.

Known issues:

1. Changing the material doesn't show up until you exit the dialog.

Ongoing Anim8or Development / STL export and import: 3D Printing
« on: February 03, 2014, 09:50:13 pm »
Anim8or supports STL now so you can directly output 3D-Printable models. In the Object editor you can import and export both ASCII and binary STL files.


I have not yet added code to check for errors in your models, so make sure that they are well formed.

1. There can't be holes in the surface or edges with more that 2 faces. If you select them with the view set to wireframe all edges should be White (in the Point editor), or either White or Blue (in the main Object editor).  Green edges only have one face which means there is a hole in the surface. Magenta edges have more that 2 faces so they is no clear surface, and Red edges have no faces at all.

2. The normals should be facing out. Use the Debug->Options->ShowNormals setting to see them. (You have to disable the new OpenGL code with <Ctrl-N> to do this for the time being.)


STL files are made of independent triangles. Anim8or attempts to fit them all together into a continuous surface. This is not always possible to do correctly when several parts of the model are very close or are touching. In addition many models have small numerical differences between vertices in different triangles that represent the same point. Anim8or does a pretty good job working through these issues but you may have to make some minor edits to some STL models that you import.

Note: This has only minimally been tested, so proceed with caution!

Ongoing Anim8or Development / Layers
« on: February 03, 2014, 08:48:54 pm »
The Object and Scene editors now support Layers. You can give each mesh or objects a layer and toggle the visibility and the ability to edit each layer in the top toolbar.

Everything is on layer 0 by default. You can set the layer to between 0 and 7 in the properties dialogs. Each layer can independently be displayed or hidden, and editable or locked. The top toolbar displays the layers' status. You toggle the visibility by left-clicking on a layer, and toggle whether is can be edited or not with the right mouse button. Locked layers have a little lock in the lower right corner. By default layer 7 is locked.


1. Should the layer's status be saved to the .an8 file with each Object and Scene? I tend to think this would be useful but would like your feedback. -- Added in 1066.
2. Should layer 7 be locked by default? -- Removed in 1066.
3. Would layers be useful in the Figure editor?  If so, how important is this (versus other potential improvements)?

Ongoing Anim8or Development / Faster OpenGL Rendering
« on: February 03, 2014, 08:41:19 pm »
The majority of the OpenGL code in Anim8or now uses faster drawing functions. They requires more memory so I chose not to use them when I first released Anim8or. That was along time ago and this change is long overdue. Large models should draw considerably faster in the working views.

There are some minor differences (e.g. in points) but overall it should match perfectly. You can toggle back and forth to the original code with <Ctrl-N>. I have temporarily added the OpenGL version to the upper corner of the window so you can easily see if you're using the new or old code but I will remove this once the new code is finalized.

New to 1066: Separate toggles to show face normals, and binormals, in wire-frame mode. See the Options->Debug menu.

Known issues:

1. Bumpmaps. I'll be adding this soon. This isn't hard, I just forgot to do it. Added in 1066.
2. Flat Shading. All the faces are triangulated and it looks weird. I'll fix this but it's a bit more work to do without using a ton of extra memory. Added in 1066.
3. Face normals. Option->Debug->ShowNormals doesn't work yet. Until I fix it if you need to see them you can toggle back to the old code with <Ctrl-N>. Added  in 1066.

And at least one difference:

1. In the Point Editor, points are shown as filled-in squares instead of hollow ones. This is both faster and I feel they are easier to see so I plan on keeping it this way.

Build 1230 dated March 22, 2016: animcl1230
Build 1229 dated March 18, 2016: animcl1229
Build 1227 dated March 14, 2016: animcl1227
Build 1222 dated February 29, 2016: animcl1222
Build 1219 dated February 16, 2016: animcl1219
Build 1215 dated  January 31, 2016:
Build 1213 dated January 26, 2016:
Build 1212 dated January 18, 2016:
Build 1208 dated January 7, 2016:
Build 1205 dated December 20, 2015:
Build 1203 dated December 12, 2015:
Build 1201 dated November 29, 2015:
Build 1199 dated November 22, 2015:
Build 1198 dated November 16, 2015:
Build 1194 dated October 20, 2015:
Build 1185 dated August 3, 2015:
Build 1179 dated May 14, 2015:
Build 1176 dated May 6, 2015:
Build 1172 dated May 1, 2015:
Build 1172 dated April 21, 2015:
Build 1171 dated April 15, 2015:
Build 1170 dated April 7, 2015:
Build 1169 dated April 1, 2015:
Build 1166 dated March 22, 2015:
Build 1164 dated March 2, 2015:
Build 1163 dated February 18, 2015:
Build 1162 dated January 30, 2015:

Major changes for build 1230:
Picking: Fixed a bug in the edge picking code that was interfering with everything.
Edge/Point in Solid Views: Fixed issues where points/edges weren't obeying the UI settings.

Major changes for build 1229:
Fix #098-085: Point Edit Move/Rotate is broken for mirror points.
Picking Code: Increased range and improved heuristics for picking.
X/Y/Z-Axis Enable Buttons: Changes to LMB-Select One, RMB-Toggle to be consistent with P/E/F buttons.

Major changes for build 1227:
Fix #098-079: Cut Faces Can Crash.
Fix #098-082: Double clicking on a controller name in the Track Window doesn't show the Key Value Editor when the controller is a script.
Fix #098-083: Topo tool issues with Mirrored Meshes.
Fix #098-084: Screen doesn't update while rendering a movie.
Dialog Box Location: Locate dialogs within the current focus window.
Fix missing bounding box: on subdivision shapes when Subdivision Edges aren't shown.
Topo Tool: Fix several mirrored mesh issues.  Should be fairly solid now.
Topo Tool: Change color from yellow to orange when over a valid target to make it easier to know when this happens.
Edge Extrude: Update to obey Fast-Select rules.
Larger Icons: Added an option for larger toolbar buttons in the ConfigureUI dialog. to help tablet and touch screen users.  No larger icons yet - making them is a lot of work!
Color scheme: Update screen immediately when user changes scheme instead of on the next run.
Remove UpdateWindow() call: Under Win 10 when to main window is on a second monitor this seems to cause a crash before the window is shown.

Major changes for build 1222:
Undo History: is preserved across renders.
User Viewpoints: added named user viewpoints that are saved with the project. See View->User->...
Joint Names in Scripts: ASL expressions for joint controllers use a joint name converted to C identifier. All illegal characters are changed to "_": "$joint.right thigh-X" is replaced by "$joint.right_thigh_X".
Tiny Window Bug: fixed bug introduced in 1219 that started Anim8or in a tiny window when window position wasn't saved.
Previous Files: upped the limit to 10 previously opened files from 4.
Spline Control Handles: are now Grid-Snapped when it is enabled.
Subdivision Mesh Edges: are now drawn in gray to make it easier to edit the control mesh, and can be disabled in the GUI interface.
Fix #098-079: Reference images shouldn't be exported in obj and stl.
Fix #098-080: Topo knife doesn't work on subdivision cage meshes when outline is disabled for that view.
Fix #098-081: Clicking on "..." to edit position key doesn't add a key to a blank controler unless you change the value.

Major changes for build 1219:
Add Floating Track Window option: window is merged with graph editor. See this post for details.
Point and edge dissolve: Fix problems with mirroring.
Topo knife: Fix flipped filled faces problem.
Point disolve: Fix small things in clean-up code.
Hotkey for Point Select: Changed from 'p' to 'v' for Vertex Select because it's easier to use the 'v' 'e' 'g' keys as a group.
Hotkey for UV edit: Changed from 'v' to 'U' to accommodate Point Select change .
Knife-cut tool: Obey X- and Y-axis lock.
Fix ART rendering crash.
Fix crash: when reading .an8 files with zero size grid spacings.
Fix ART rendering bug: where diffuse RGB texture DECAL+ALPHA_FINAL causes incorrect transparency.  (Combo should be illegal.)

Major changes for build 1215:
Normal Maps: Fixed bug in calculating normal when using normal maps that sometimes caused severe artifacts.
TopoKnife: Added post point- and edge-dissolve cleanup (removal) of points that are left with only 2 edges.
Fun with GLSL Shaders: Adding a string attribute finalColor to a material with the value of "normal", "binormal", "tangent", "texCoord0", "depth", or "normalTexture" displays that component as the final color. This is useful for debugging Anim8or. Don't know if it is useful for modeling.

Major changes for build 1213:
Normal Maps: Anim8or now supports normal maps.  For details see this post.Check them out!
TopoKnife: Shift+RMB moves in direction of normals.
TopoKnife: Ctrl+LMB Floating Cut mode - adds floating point or connects arbitrarily, then fills new holes.

Major changes for build 1212:
Topo Knife: Change Shift+LMB to to dissolve points/edegs instead of collapsing them.
Topo Knife: Change Shift+RMB to just RMB for moving points/edges (when cut isn't active).
Fix #098-074: Merge Point collapses points that are further apart than the limit.
Long/Lat Panorama and Environment Reflections: Fixed a few bugs in ART and Scan Line renderes, and added GLSL support for them. Note: the GLSL reflection mapping code still has a problem that causes some whacky rotations from the back views, but the front views are correct and it's better than just showing black like it used to :) .

Major changes for build 1210:
Cut Tool: Fix perspective views and problems with cutting only selected faces (using Shift key).
Merge Points: changed to use the average location of point set for the new point.
Topo Knife - New Features:
  • RMB with an initial split edge now retains the split.
  • LMB+Shift with no initial component collapses the point/edge.
  • RMB+Shift moves highlighted point/edge in the same manner as PointMove(LMB).
  • Fix incorrect location after arc rotate, screen size change.

Major changes for build 1208:
Topo Knife Perspective View: and Multiple Views bugs fixed.

Major changes for build 1205:
New Topo Knife Tool: There is a new topological knife modeling tool in the Point Editor. It is based on the ideas posted here by raxx. See the thread for details.
Rotating Joints with Limits: trackball rotation now halts when the first bone limit is reached.  This prevents those really weird rotations that can happen when one axis is limited but the other can still rotate.

Major changes for build 1203:
Figure, Sequence and Scene Editors: Change direct bone rotation to use bone joint axes instead of Screen axes.  This restores the original behavior.
TrackBall Visibility: Add ability to hide individual trackballs. Shift-Click on a selected bone toggles the use of a trackball, also the menu command Edit->Bones->ToggleTrackballVisibility applies change to all selected bones.

Major changes for build 1201:
Figure, Sequence and Scene Editors: Clean up bone rotation. See the thread Trackball in the Scene Editor for details.

Major changes for build 1199:
Scene Editor: Fix crash when rotating bones.
Sequence and Scene Editors: Fix  various rotation errors in bone editing in Sequence and Scene editors for screen- and world-axis.
Scene Editor: Fix track ball size (can be too small) in perspective views.
Scene Editor: Enable bone selection when not in fast-select mode.

Major changes for build 1198:
Scene Editor: Added Fast Select and trackball for bone rotations. See separate post for details and issues.
Fix #098-071: Undo does not work for Light, Camera and EFigure positions without a controller.
Numerous small fixes: Improvements to joint rotation editing, undo/redo, screen visuals, syncing graph editor with time track, window placement on multiple monitor computers, etc.

Major changes for build 1194:
Sequence Editor: Added Fast Select and trackball for bone rotations. See separate post for details and issues.

Major changes for build 1185:
UI Update: Added titles to groups of buttons in toolbar, and new Object/Figure/etc. buttons to top toolbar.
Bones: added more uniform icons for bone editing tools. Added trackball to all rotations.
Misc: multiple minor fixes to fast select, Viewpoint mode (Eye icon) rotate, etc.

Major changes for build 1179:
Fix #098-068: When Grid Scale is shown Figures collapses into the lower left corner.

Major changes for build 1178:
Dynamic Highlighting: Enable dynamic highlighting for some non fast select modes.
Track Ball: Reenable outer ring to rotate in plane of screen.
Track Ball: Draw (mostly) on top. It isn't always shown on top because that's a bit more difficult to do, but I made a simple change that helps.
Fix #098-066: Joining Splines converts all edges to straight lines.
Fix #098-067: Undo of add material to face on subdivision object crashes.
.an8 file parse errors: write an error message to the script console with line information.

Major changes for build 1176:
Bone Rotation Trackball: The trackball now works in 3 coordinate systems: Screen, Local and World, controlled by the state of the 3 coordinate-system buttons in the left-hand toolbar. See the topic Trackball Rotation for Bones for a discussion of the options.
Fix bone lengths bug: where the length wasn't editable with "Edit Bone" tool.

Major changes for build 1175:
Bone Rotation Trackball: I've added a trackball widget to the Bone Rotation tool in the Figure Editor. You can rotate bones in both their local coordinate space or in screen space. See the topic Trackball Rotation for Bones for more details.
Fix Dull Background Images bug.
Diameter parameter added to new bone user specified defaults.
Key Selected Bones and Key All Bones commands added to Scene editor. Hotkey 'k' for Key Selected.

Major changes for build 1172:
Rotate Bones: New mouse behavior:
  Screen Space Rotation:
      LMB - Rotate around screen Z-axis, bone follows mouse.
      MMB - Rotate around screen X-axis, move mouse up/down to rotate.
      RMB - Rotate around screen Y-axis, move mouse left/right to rotate.
  Bone Axis Rotation:
    With Shift key pressed:
      LMB - Rotate around bone's X axis, move mouse left/right to rotate.
      MMB - Rotate around bone's Y axis, move mouse left/right to rotate.
      RMB - Rotate around bone's Z axis, move mouse left/right to rotate.
Add "Apply to Selected" and "Apply to All" buttons to default joint angles dialog.
Bug in Bone Rotate+Scale: Fix annoying bug that forced bones to align their Z-axis to the screen when you rotated them.

Major changes for build 1171:
Default Joint Limits: Add user-defined default joint limits for new bones: Options->NewJointLimits. These are saved in the registry for future sessions.
Figure Editor: Allow rotation/changing length of existing bones in Add Bone mode. Hold the <Shift> key to do this instead of adding a new bone.
Figure Editor: Click-drag the tip of a bone to change length and angle; click-drag anywhere else on the bone to only change the angle.
Add Bones: With Fast Select disabled always add bones in direction of parent (same as Classic Anim8or).
Figure Editor: Added a new mode (the funny looking new icon in the left-hand toolbar) that allows rotation and changing the length of existing bones simultaneously. Click the tip to change length, else bones only rotate. Can I remove the original Rotate Bone and Bone Length tools?

Major changes for build 1170:
Scaled Elements: Correctly frame selected elements that have been scaled in Scene editor.
Add Bones: Bones can be scaled and rotated while they are being added.
Simpler Bone Selection: Click-drag works for unselected bones for Add/Rotate/Scale (with Fast Select). Eliminates separate click needed to select bone. Target bone is highlighted in orange to make it obvious which one will be affected.

Major changes for build 1169:
Fast Select orange highlighting: added to Figure editor.
Fix painting transformation error for objects attached to a child bone when joint angle is not zero.
Fix Point Edit non-uniform scale bug: X/Y/Z axis limits ignored.
Fix crash when loading file that was saved after deleting an Object referenced by a Figure.
Fix Figure Frame/FrameSelected with scaled components.
Don't use scientific notation in CAD labels.
Fix frame selected 'F' zooms in excessively when nothing is selected.

Major changes for build 1166:
Default Bone Angles: Set joints to default angles when creating a Sequence or adding a Figure to a Scene.
Numerous Fixes in Figure Editor: weight painting, add/delete bones, undo/redo, etc., etc.
Default Joint Angle Option: Add option to show Figure in default angle pose or zero angles. Skinned meshes are warped only when in the default pose. There are some issues to decide for future design. See the separate topic for details.
Fix #098-059: Keys not copied in Scene editor when Figure isn't selected but keys are selected.
Fix #098-065: Undo of Add Bone can fail to remove bone, loses painted weights.

Major changes for build 1164:
FastSelect: added to Figure Editor.
Update figure editing tools: Add Bone, Bone Angle, Bone Length, Bone Influences were changed to make editing more intuitive, i.e. moving the mouse in the direction of a bone instead of up/down the screen.
Fix #098-061: <Ctrl> key in Point Edit CUT tool doesn't work. Switch to <Shift> key to cut only selected faces.
Fix related bug where unselected faces between two selected faces are cut.
Fix #098-062: Unable to delete Sequences in Scene Editor.  Dissolve sequences in Scene editor when a key is inserted, deleted or modified within the sequence, or frames are inserted or deleted.
Fix #098-063: Twist modifier is broken.
Fix #098-064: Multiple 4/16/32b bitmap formats aren't supported.
.an8 file association: don't reassociate the .an8 extension with the Anim8or executable if it is already associated.

Major changes for build 1163:
Single Point Frame View: When a single point is selected in the Point Editor the Frame Selected command ('F') now centers the screen on that point without changing the scale or distance.
Dolly/Zoom Rate Increased: when scrolling the mouse.
Spline: Add capability to directly ConvertToMesh, add asymmetrical scaling.
Cylinders and Modifiers: stay vertical like other shapes when adding. Moving the mouse left and right scales width, up and down scales height.
Cut Tool: Fast edit style highlight for initial and final edges/points when cutting.
Frame and Frame Selected: Improve behavior for horizontal windows.

Major changes for build 1162:
Fix Arc-Rotate RMB not dollying in Perspective views bug.
Single Point Frame Select ('F') now supported in Point Editor that centers the view on single selected points. Add minimum Frame and Frame Selected size of 1 x 1 x 1 volume to prevent excessive magnification when single a point is framed.


Ongoing Anim8or Development / About this forum
« on: February 03, 2014, 08:08:42 pm »
I've decided to try something new. I'll be posting development updates to Anim8or on a regular basis. This will allow you to try out new ideas before they are finalized and provide feedback on what you like, don't like, and this should be added.

The forum will be a bit more restricted that the others. The discussions will be limited to specific features, after I've posted a development copy of Anim8or with a preliminary implementation. Normally I'll be the only one to add new topics, but anyone can reply.  I'll trim comments and summarize them in my initial post from time to time. This is to make it easier for everyone to read, not to censor anyone's feedback.

Have fun with the new code and let me know what you think!

General Anim8or Forum / Anim8or v0.98 is ready!
« on: November 21, 2013, 04:58:03 am »
I just posted v0.98. Get your copy and let me know what you think!

I haven't quite finished with the manual yet. The first two chapters are posted and I'll be adding the rest soon.

And let me know what you thing about the new look of the website.


Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / New preview with XP fix ready: v0.97f
« on: October 02, 2013, 09:55:37 pm »
I just uploaded a new Anim8or (v0.97f) with the following fixes:

- Fix 097e-101 - Incompatible with Windows-XP.
- Fix 097e-102 - Requires MSVCR110.DLL to run.
- Fix 097e-103 - Add edges to a mirrored object when the end point is an axis point duplicates the point.
- Fix 097e-104 - Select orphans can leave on point unselected.
- Fix 097e-105 - Viewing OpenGL info crashes.
- Fix 097e-106 - Adding edge as new mesh (shift-click-drag) crashes.
- Fix 097e-107 - Add Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 to OS Information dialog.
- Fix 097e-108 - Knife tool does not cut all the way on the mirrored side, when starting from a point.
- Fix 097e-109 - UVs do not get mirrored when using the Texture UV tool.
- Fix 097e-110 - Mirrored Mesh: Subdividing a face of a mirrored mesh in the point editor crashes.
            (Was: When manipulating the added mesh data within a subdivided face
             (Edit->Subdivide Faces), erroneous results occur.)
- Fix 097e-111 - Subdivision Mesh: When 0 working divisions, stays non-shaded when in point edit mode,
   regardless of shading mode.
- Fix 097e-112 - Materials: If the specular and emissive factor isn't change from the default,
  then it doesn't get saved in the .an8 file even when a texture is applied to that channel.
- Fix 097e-114 - Add Edge tool: Starting a new mesh with the Add Edge tool (by shift-click-dragging) causes crash.
- Fix 097e-115 - Convert to Mirror: Edges not in faces are lost when converting a Mesh to a Mirrored Mesh.
  Also added automatically convert parametric objects into a mesh.
- Fix 097e-116 - User Interface: Vertical Resize Bar: Behaves erratically when click-dragging it.
- Fix 097e-117 - Sequence data fails to save: Sequences save as empty keyframes in the file.
- Fix 097e-118 - Sequence data from older versions fails to reload properly.
- Fix 097e-121 - Splash Screen: Mode->Object comand crashes when initial project is loading.

I have not fixed these known issues yet but I am working on them:

#097e-113 - Bevel tool: destroys UVs of surrounding faces.
#097e-119 - Morph Targets: Do not work with Mirrored Meshes.
#097e-120 - Background images: Appear dark in the workspace and when using the opengl renderer.

There are also a couple of minor new things:

- Add option to restore window position in next session.
- Enhance face properties dialog to show more information.

You can download a copy here:

Anim8or v0.97f XP Compatible Preview

!!!!!!!!!!! I fixed the link (again!) My web-site editor and I don't always agree on where files should be :)  !!!!!!!

Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / I'm working on reported problems...
« on: August 12, 2013, 08:16:05 pm »
Hi, all.

I'm back from an extended trip and starting to work through the issues reported here.  It's good to be back working on Anim8or.  It's been too long since I had any free time!

The highest priority is to get Anim8or working on Win-XP.

Stay tuned for more details.


General Anim8or Forum / I accidentally deleted 2 or 3 accounts !!!
« on: December 03, 2012, 03:36:11 am »
If you registered today or yesterday and your account has suddenly disappeared (and you are not a spammer :-) then please re-register!  I accidentally deleted a couple of valid accounts when cleaning up the spam accounts.  I need to delete 75-100 spam accounts per day and messed up on a couple.

If you have any trouble re-registering please e-mail me at support at anim8or dot com and I will fix it.  Please tell me the date and original user name (if you remember it) and the e-mail address that you used.


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