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General Anim8or Forum / Re: Need some animation help
« on: September 12, 2008, 02:25:14 am »
Yay Muse! Muse are awesome... you are the second person here with a Muse inspired usermane (me being the first) :)

General Anim8or Forum / Re: How do you make things on anim8or!
« on: September 07, 2008, 06:09:27 am »
And then after alot of using it you unlock a hidden talent called skill. Thats the best part of it :)

General Anim8or Forum / Re: A bug in my picture
« on: July 24, 2008, 02:05:33 am »
Hi Paulo :)
The advice above is good.
Just wanted to say you are quite a good modeler... I can't model human figures like that at all! :)

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Help! Newbie Has Pressed "H"
« on: June 21, 2008, 03:01:36 am »
Hi :)
Pressing 'h' hides any objects you have selected. To get the objects back either press Shift+H or go 'Edit'>'Show all'

Hope this helped.

General Anim8or Forum / Re: good bye
« on: June 05, 2008, 01:19:31 am »
Erm... just because you don't use Anim8or anymore you can still come back to visit and help people out. I'm sure you will still be able to remember enough about Anim8or to stay here.

But if not, Have fun in the wide world of 3DS Max! Goodbye.

General Anim8or Forum / Re: help
« on: May 19, 2008, 11:57:41 pm »
Sorry... still not particularly helpful.
Maybe you could post a screenshot of what you have done, and then another a screenshot of what happens when everything "goes away".
And describe (in detail) exactly what you are trying to achieve.

We want to help you, but need more information to do so! :)

I'm happy to help, DressedForSucess :)

And thanks almost cool... good word for the pool by the way. Nothing like a bit of gelatinous water! :D

MUSE fan? Yay! I knew there would be at least one here on the Anim8or forums... ;)

Ooh do a vehicle... How about an airliner? A Boeing 747-400 or a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy.

Tanzim, that brain test is interesting... I also use my right side more. And yes, you are right about this being off-topic. We shall stop now.

Thanks DressedForSucess, I'll read through that topic... I like lots of reading. :)
Oh, and for my water I believe I made and used this bumpmap:

It isn't very flash... Its just a blurry paint image, but under the correct lighting its looks alright.
You could probably find a better one on Google.  ;)

And, I'm sorry but I wont be able to help with your game. I have many other commitments, and plus my new school term has just started so I've got a few assessments to focus on. But feel free to ask if you need anything from me, I'd be happy to provide some things, but just not as a permanent addition to your team.

And Eco... looks like it will just be you, me and colclough at the pool!
I'll need to find another deck chair though... We'll need more than two for when we exit the pool :)
Unless you'd rather share... (I'm just joking don't worry :P)
Anyway, the lemonade is plentiful and the sun is high! Any more takers? Will be a good pool party! :D

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Some Of My Work
« on: May 03, 2008, 06:57:58 pm »
I've had Anim8or for about a year but I don't use it much,and I'm a really good artist and I've won best in show at Halifax County State Fair(It's in Virginia)

I drew an Orthodox Church,The onion dome building in Mosow so I think that has something to do with me being sorta good.    ;D

Wow, thats great how you won that. :)

I look forward to seeing any future Anim8or pictures you have...
Talking of which, lets see that picture of your lion! :D

Hmm... OK, this next solution might be a bit out there, but maybe the effect comes from whatever color your eyes are.
My eyes are blue, and I can see the illusion... are yours blue also? If so, I'm guessing that thecolclough's might be a different color...
If I'm wrong here, I'll give up on making assumptions :)

And yes, they are supposed to blend like that... I want them only to be visible if you are really trying to find them, like you and thecolclough have done.

Yay my thread is over to two pages! Thanks guys! :)

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Adorable...thing
« on: May 03, 2008, 12:52:10 am »
Yeah, Tanzim all your points are valid... though I only whipped that one up in about 10 minutes so I didn't really put much thought into making it realistic...

I'll do your suggestions, but put them in my own thread... I've put enough of my pictures into this thread. :)

Hehe... elementary, my dear watson. I mean... thecolclough...
And yes, of course, I already knew your screen resolution. Infact, I am watching you right now...

I'm quite happy that you spent alot of un-ergonomic effort looking at my pictures. Don't look at any more though... I haven't hidden anything else! Or have I...? :)

General Anim8or Forum / Re: What kind of Anim8or are you?
« on: May 02, 2008, 05:26:01 am »
We have quite a diverse range of Anim8ors here, I see! :)

You know what would be neat? Like, an Anim8or party! All of us, a high powered computer lab, access to unlimited resources (food/drink/textures etc) and 24 hours to Anim8 something really cool! :D

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Some Of My Work
« on: May 02, 2008, 05:05:13 am »
Eco, I'm just wondering... How long have you been using Anim8or?

Your models look alot like the ones I was making when I first began Anim8ing... but already you are using transmaps, made an energy ball thingy (which looks really cool) and made all the links in that necklace look linked properly, like a chain.

Keep it up, you have the makings of a very good Anim8or! :)

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