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Hey Steve, is it possible in a future edition to add (in the 'Scale Custom' dialog box under Edit >> Scale) specific fields for the X/Y/Z axes? Perhaps a check box that says uniform scale which gives a single scale factor for all three axes, and then when it's unchecked it opens up the 3 individual axes?

Just a thought as I often want to make something granularly smaller or larger on just a single axis at a time and the mouse scaling tool isn't always fine enough

General Anim8or Forum / Improve texture mapping on subdivides?
« on: July 15, 2021, 06:39:12 am »
Hey guys, so an issues I've had with Anim8or's UV mapping is that subdivides often don't really want to texture cleanly. I'm working on a simple coffee table design that I want to build, but you can see in the image:

- the actual shape
- how it's UV mapping
- how the actual texture might/should look
- the way my geometry on that face is set up

It doesn't matter that much since it's just for looks/ to get an idea of how the final build would look proportion-wise, but is this one of those things we 3d artists just kinda have to reckon with? Or am I missing a key piece of information or something?  ???

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Wall hanger - An8 to Life
« on: April 24, 2021, 01:46:52 am »
Here's my latest woodworking project which I first drew by hand, then modeled in Anim8or -  an "Everyday Carry Wall Hanger" (attached at the bottom).

I had to make a lot of modifications in the building process because I found in a lot of cases the way that materials and tools work in the real world is a lot different from how tings come together when modeling or drawing, lol!

I guess I'll start calling these "An8 to Life"! For getting quick dimensions and sketches, Anim8or is great and simple. I pretty much exclusively use it for this kinda of 'preconception' of ideas these days, and my next project is even more detailed and is coming out closer to the model than I usually tend to do.

Hey Steve, I'm not on the LATEST-latest release, but in 1395 it seems like if I copy and paste an object while the "move" button is slsected and then try to move that object, it basically just lest me select where  I mouse over but won't let me move tan object until I elect another menu option and then go back to the Move button.
Not a huge issue because it's easy to deal with, just thought I'd throw it out there

I haven't messed with a newer release so not sure how those are.

I knew I wasn't crazy!! This is something I've been confused about for a while and I've finally found a way to replicate it. Not sure if it's meant to function this way, but basically the following steps lead up to this result:

  • Made two cylinders, cut them in half. One of them is located at -3,28,0 and the other at -1,28,0, so the center point of these two objects should be -2,28,0
  • Reconnected the top and bottom points to make a flat surface on each and filled it (J-command)
  • Bridged the two flat surfaces to make an elongated shape with half-round ends (pill? or I guess "stadium" is the geometry name)

However for some reason, this ends up with an object whose center point reads as 0,0,0, but is in fact located (as in, its axis/"crosshair" thing) at -2,28,0.

The same thing happens if I use the Join Solids command before bridging them (as of course bridging two individual meshes has the Join Solids command built in it seems). This also seems to happen in a handful of other instances, like some grouping operations and other stuff that I can't think of right now, lol

Not sure if this is meant to happen but it's been a bit of a concern of mine for a while because it makes things like manually mirroring over the axis pretty difficult because the coordinates aren't correct to the world/viewport ??? :o

File attached for reference

I render a lot in Scene and Object mode, but I often use weird image dimensions (particularly very tall images when rendering "multiviews" of furniture pieces)

Just wondering (esp @Steve) if there's any way in Anim8or to set up the camera so that the ratio matches the render resolution? Like if I'm rendering, say, a 400w*600h image, that the green box in the camera can show up with a similar ratio/resolution?

Some images below to help illustrate what I mean. The first image has the view cropped perfectly by height and the render is very small. The second image is cropped VERY far in to match the width and the render is more or less correct.

Finished Works and Works in Progress / My 2020 Anim8or projects roundup
« on: December 06, 2020, 01:07:45 am »
Hey guys! Throughout 2020 (mostly owing to the pandemic) I've had loads of time to get into woodworking, and from the very start (actually before last Christmas) I was using Anim8or as a sort of CAD program to get measurements and test out design and color schemes and such.

I've noticed as my woodworking skills progress, by ability to translate more complicated things into something I can make in Anim8or also increases, so I can create far more complex ideas on-the-fly in 3d before testing my skills with real physical tools. So fun!

I figured I'd share some of my projects, both in render and in real-life form so you guys can see!

(A few of them were adjusted to match the final build, and I have lost a few textures along the way but most of everything is rendered as it was modelled originally so you can see how closely the model translates to real-life - usually pretty darned accurate)

Hi Steve and fellow Anim8ors,
Often in other software we see live/"realtime" sidebars containing editable parameters/info for shapes and objects. I attached a picture of a mockup (had a short time to work on it as I thought of it while starting a new project, but you get the idea!)

Not sure if this'd be any useful for others, but I use Anim8or for a lot of semi-detailed CAD-style stuff and I think adjusting small measurements on the fly would be a lot quicker without having to double click, edit and apply each time (or in other words, if scale and things in the viewport dynamically changed with the adjustment of different settings within the dialog)

I didn't add them in the mockup, but maybe also stuff like "lock proportions" and having all the default transform commands in the dialog box could also be useful. Not a burning need but would definitely be cool in a future release!

I posted about this a while ago but I'm struggle with it again...
I have an objects whose physical center, bounding box, and 'crosshair' are all located at a location (roughly [-14,-1,0])
YET the coordinates OF the object read [0,0,0]. As far as my understanding goes, the physical location of this object is NOT the origin, and I've never moved the points themselves independent of the object's own origin, so I don't get what's happening.

Strangely, if I group the object with itself (so, just clicking on it and clicking 'g'), it suddenly shows with correct coordinates even though the object's center hasn't changed.

Not sure what's going on here. ???

(not a huge deal of course but I've had the issue before, and now I think it *might* actually be a bug?)

Is there any way to select two points and have Anim8or basically cut across/connect them like the Topo knife?

I wondered about this for a while, often times to avoid weird geometry issues I end up needing to cut across faces to create more lines on a model. Sometimes this can be unorthodox with setting the right view angle.

Just pitching this: What if it were possible to have the "Mirrors" function, but where it worked on multiple objects all at once? So For example if you're making a bunch of the same exact mesh within an object but just in different various orientations (like say, a vase made up of 8 wavy strips in a circle formation), they can all have the same points edited at the same time?

Just an idea (which I feel could be easy to implement based on the existence of the Mirrors function? No clue of course as I'm not a programmer  :-* )

Idk if this is just me of if everyone experiences this...
Since my last several PCs (basicaly everything after Windows Vista) I can't remember ever having Scene view play in realtime to the frame or playback an animation any faster than probably about 6-10fps.

Is this an issue with my hardware? @Steve anything I can do to optimize playback for easier animation in Scene mode? Trying to animate a character but it's always been tough judging 'weight' and all those animation-principle things when not able to see everything happening as it will render  :'(

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Animal Character
« on: May 29, 2020, 01:33:50 am »
It's been a long while since I just modeled a character for fun! Most of what I've been doing has been strictly CAD-type stuff for building projects (will post something about that soon too!), but I figured with all the work that Steve's poured in lately, and since the community seems to be on a slow but steady revitalization, I may as well spend a little time just doing something for fun.

I like every view of this characters face except the front view... idk why. I made the adult version and then tried a sorta 'parametric' child version, I think they're coming out pretty swell so far  :) Onto some morphs and a body model maybe?

-edit because it's not showing up on  mobile-

@Steve Here's a bug I've run into a couple of times while working on projects (Build 1363):

If I take a mesh into point edit mode, select a point, line, or group of points or lines on that mesh, and then enable CAD Annoations, Anim8or crashes.

I try to avoid doing this and of course save often, though I use Anim8or almost exclusively for CAD modelling these days and sometimes I absent-mindedly want to quickly check a measurement. (Will post some side-by-sides of my builds with their Anim8or models in the coming weeks!)

General Anim8or Forum / Just hit 10 days and my 1000th postJust
« on: April 17, 2020, 09:10:16 pm »
Just a self-celebratory post on hitting exactly 10 days logged in, my 1000th post made, and glorious 11? years on the forum, probably more like 12/13 using Anim8or. Thanks Steve! HOpefully this type of post is allowed (maybe soon we can get a section of the forum for random chat :) )

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