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Ongoing Anim8or Development / Re: Layers
« on: September 24, 2014, 12:19:24 pm »
Aggreed, This also goes back to Raxx's initial suggestion of Current Layer Selection where new items go into the current layer.


About AA...


It requires a restart before it takes effect, please make sure you have done this.
I almost missed it but I was working in wireframe and just managed to notice the AA smoothing. Pretty cool.

As for element settings, thanks.


Aggreed, if an object is in another (or hidden somewhere) its usefull to use the object select list then the settings>element.

Yeah sorry Steve, I should clarify that while I enabled AA in the dialoge, no AA actually takes place.
Im not bothered though as only render is importiant.

Any update on CAD Line legnth for Paths?


Cool, so the only checkboxes still to be made to work are
Backfaces (Which currently are always shown regardless of setting)

hmm... I dont see AA, ah well, no biggy for workspace

I have a suggestion for folders.
If a folder exists it should appear in the properties of other objects so they can be assigned that folder.


Hi Steve,
"Can you send me an example of something that looks different in to ARB and GLSL views?
Make sure that you're not comparing the "OpenGL Materials" mode. It use a different lighting model."

Yeah sorry, I mean OpenGL not GLSL.
GLSL is Not Applicable to me as I read its OGL2 only, My OGL is 1.5.4454 Win9x release.

Still, at least you are squashing another bug hehehe.


Actually, Can I ask the significance of being able to switch to OGL?

It doesnt seem any faster than ARB and ARB looks a lot better.

I suppose OGL opens the door for vertex shading.

Ah I found XYZZY, hehe, IO knew I saw it before, yes its when you move an object.
Still, this is taskbar only as the WindowTitle is blank.


Major changes for build 1101:

Menu "Folders" for Objects, Figures, Sequences, Scenes: You can group Objects, Figures, etc. into sub-menus. Simply set the name of a virtual "folder" in the Object->Properties dialog.

Love it, great idea that works so far.

Settings menus moved: All of the Settings menus functionality has bee moved into Object->Properties, Figure->Properties, etc.

Ah great idea, makes much more sence

User definable Movie FPS: You can set the default for movie frames per second and the Limit Playback values for new projects.

Wasnt this always available?

Fix #098-012 - Window titles don't work: Don't know why, it just started working again!!!

Nope... sorry they are now completly blank.... the taskbar at least shows the correct windowtitle (with object name) but the Window title bar itself is blank.

Fix #098-016 - Material window doesn't show bitmaps when first opened after switching objects. Mostly fixed. Still might be able to happen but I can't reproduce a case.

Untested yet

OpenGL Resource Leaks: I fixed some problematic OpenGL resource leaks related to GLSL shaders.


Major changes for build 1097:

GLSL Shaders: When shaders are enabled Anim8or now uses GLSL shaders by default. You need OpenGL 2.0 or later for this and the original ARB assembly shaders are still supported. Use <Ctrl-B> to toggle through GLSL -> ARB fragment programs -> OpenGL materials.

Love the ability to change to OGL and Normal, GLSL non-functioning

Add Separate Snap-to-Angle setting: There is now a separate snap value for angles. You can set the value in the Options->Grid dialog.

Oh wow, love it. there is however a glitch where during rotation the object will keep snapping to 0 and then the next snap which is very distracting and epileptic....

Add optional numeric labels on the grid lines in axis aligned views (Front, Back, Top, Bottom, Left, Right). They are off by default and are enabled in the Options->Grid dialog by checking "Show Scale".

Wow absolutly love this, so simple yet so loved.

Bug #098-009 Fixed: Materials disappear after viewing properties dialog.


Bug #098-010 Fixed: Picking uses old viewport immediately after zooming with the mouse wheel.

heh, no wheel so untested

Bug #098-011 Fixed: When the CAD ruler is on and the mouse wheel is used to zoom in and out, the dimension lines are not updated.


Bug #098-013 Fixed: CAD X/Y/Z-axis coordinates are wrong.

Yay fixed

Bug #098-014 Mostly Fixed: Reference images show as transparent without image in wireframe. However partially transparent images (alpha < 1) show as alpha = 1 in wireframe.

Cool, ill test this next.

Suggestions still required related to cad is the path drawing still needs each line to have its legnth so that I can draw my walls accuriatly (Currently only 2 walls give legnths all the rest only affect the CAD Mode if they add to the size of the structure.


ASL Scripts / Re: AOBake
« on: July 25, 2014, 12:15:48 pm »
wow, I just noticed this and would love to include a suggestion.
Instead of making a texture with AO, can you shade the object?

The environment I model for does not support textures bigger than 64x64x4 (2048 bytes) and so I use small textures with repeating UV's and vertex shading (or in an8, mtl shading) for flat shadows.

If you were to do this may I also add that each mtl crerated will require the following settings (to allow flat shading unless steve adds a special option for it)

AmbiantFactor = 1.2
Diffusefactor = 0.01  <-- This is rerquired to keep texture otherwise the texture is un-assosiated
SpecularFactor = 0

Texture Mode = Darken.


Hi, just thought id try registering to clarify a few things. We had problems registering a while back and only sub got in.

anyway, i was reading the replies and need to clarify some things.
first off here is the original image where i listed the bugs.

so, the world co-ords do not show correctly. Yes its a top view, but the line starts at 0,0,0 extentd left to -282,0,0 then up to -282,0,-238 then the final line comes down and right by some amount that the cad mode does not list unfortunately.
so, we know the world co-ords are between 0 and -238 yet clearly you can see its saying -119.6 and +118.4 which is wrong for world co-ords. These numbers also change if you move the view or zoom.

glad to hear your on the other bugs.

what ideas do you have for measurements in cad mode?
to list some ideas would include drawing measurement on last drawn / currently selected line (plus angle to previous line. I.e. In my image i have 2 90's and a 45-ish angle)

another but more complex suggestion would be most significant measurements at zoom level. I cant possibly imagine this coding monstrosity though.

thank you for an8 and have a good holiday,

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