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ASL Scripts / Re: AOBake
« on: July 25, 2014, 04:15:48 pm »
wow, I just noticed this and would love to include a suggestion.
Instead of making a texture with AO, can you shade the object?

The environment I model for does not support textures bigger than 64x64x4 (2048 bytes) and so I use small textures with repeating UV's and vertex shading (or in an8, mtl shading) for flat shadows.

If you were to do this may I also add that each mtl crerated will require the following settings (to allow flat shading unless steve adds a special option for it)

AmbiantFactor = 1.2
Diffusefactor = 0.01  <-- This is rerquired to keep texture otherwise the texture is un-assosiated
SpecularFactor = 0

Texture Mode = Darken.


Hi, just thought id try registering to clarify a few things. We had problems registering a while back and only sub got in.

anyway, i was reading the replies and need to clarify some things.
first off here is the original image where i listed the bugs.

so, the world co-ords do not show correctly. Yes its a top view, but the line starts at 0,0,0 extentd left to -282,0,0 then up to -282,0,-238 then the final line comes down and right by some amount that the cad mode does not list unfortunately.
so, we know the world co-ords are between 0 and -238 yet clearly you can see its saying -119.6 and +118.4 which is wrong for world co-ords. These numbers also change if you move the view or zoom.

glad to hear your on the other bugs.

what ideas do you have for measurements in cad mode?
to list some ideas would include drawing measurement on last drawn / currently selected line (plus angle to previous line. I.e. In my image i have 2 90's and a 45-ish angle)

another but more complex suggestion would be most significant measurements at zoom level. I cant possibly imagine this coding monstrosity though.

thank you for an8 and have a good holiday,

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